Deli Cat and Sons launch food bank to help unemployed people in the hospitality industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected just about each and every one one of us across the globe, and one sector that has been hit the hardest is the hospitality industry.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected just about each and every one one of us across the globe, and one sector that has been hit the hardest is the hospitality industry.

UK restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs were forced to close mid March and since then many have lost their jobs as a result.

One company that is definitely turning a negative into a positive are The Initiative, a young and disruptive hospitality business who own and manage six sites across the UK and also had several other openings in the pipeline for this year.

Having now shut down five of their sites, they have decided to change the offering of their newest site Deli Cat & Sons in Broken Wharf into a food & drink delivery service and online grocery store, which raises money for a food bank to help those who have been left struggling and unemployed in the hospitality industry.

The food bank is hoping to make upwards of 100 food survival kits per week. All of the The Initiative’s cafe and bar sites have been turned into online grocery hubs with essential items including fruit, vegetables, pasta, bread, cheese, wine, and beer – which are available to deliver or Click and Collect.

And for those who have decided to work on their cooking skills whilst on lockdown, Deli Cat & Sons have also launched a virtual supper series where consumers can sign up, have ingredients delivered and tune in to a live broadcast to cook alongside famous foodie faces.

The food packages will be delivered to your door with all the necessary ingredients, and the only thing they need from you is enthusiasm, a smile and a bit of salt and pepper!

The dinner will start at 7pm, where you’re encouraged to have some nibbles and prepare the cocktails. Afterwards, the chef will guide you through preparation of the starter and main course – which you can enjoy with a glass of your favourite wine from their list.

Youri Michel from The Initiative said of the project: “When the UK went into lockdown, we knew we needed to reinvent our existing offerings.

“We wanted to ensure that we could protect the employment of our workers, continue to satisfy customers and support those in the hospitality industry who have been affected by coronavirus.

“We have set up an online Grocery Store which donates £1 to a food bank for hospitality workers and delivers to the home, in addition to our new virtual supper club series which we hope will provide some enjoyment and relief at home during these tough times.”

Deli Cat & Sons are happy to share a sample menu, however, every day there is something fresh so you can note many new recipes for future dinner parties. Registrations for food survival kits can be made at 

For more information, please visit

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