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Is Keanu Reeves the nicest man in Hollywood?

We’ve all heard horror stories about celebrities and their diva demands, but it seems Keanu Reeves isn’t one of them.

We’ve all heard horror stories about celebrities and their diva demands, but it seems Keanu Reeves isn’t one of them.

The 55-year-old actor has a string of good deeds to his name, and despite being a recognisable A-lister, he still even rides the subway in New York City.

Back in 2011, a video emerged of Reeves giving up his seat for a fellow passenger as the train became rather crowded – a rarity on any form of public transport in a busy city. But this isn’t the only gentlemanly thing Reeves has done. 

[Credit: BBC/Graham Norton Show]

Just last year Reeves was on a flight travelling from San Francisco to Burbank in Los Angeles, when it was forced to make an emergency landing in Bakersfield.

While the plane landed safely and there were no injuries, there was confusion as logistics were worked out. Yet again, a video surfaced of the Matrix star stepping up to help with travel arrangements and then taking a van with other passengers to their final destination, Los Angeles, because it was quicker to drive than fly.

As well as being generous with his time, Reeves is also known for being kind with his finances too.

Not only did he donate 70 per cent of the money he got from The Matrix to cancer research, he also opened a private cancer foundation in his sister Kim’s name. 

His younger sibling was diagnosed with leukemia back in 1991 and finally made it into remissions in 1999 after Reeves paid over $5 million of his funds to ensure his sister’s recovery.

As well as this, the John Wick actor also donates to SCORE, Spinal Cord Opportunities for Rehabilitation Endowment, a charity founded after a UCLA hockey player’s spinal cord was crushed in a post-season game.

Couple this with the fact that he’s been known to take pay cuts in past movies in order to make way for other actors, and bought his stuntmen a Harley Davidson each to thank them for their help, Reeves really is the nicest man in Hollywood.

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