Lowest carbon footprint drinks brand EVER to arrive by 2022

A new start-up company has pledged to become the lowest carbon footprint drinks brand ever by 2022.

A new start-up company has pledged to become the lowest carbon footprint drinks brand ever by 2022.

At DRINKS3, their aim is to achieve this by working on three key areas which they have identified as the biggest issues relating to climate change in the beverage industry.

First up, packaging.

Bottles for their new WATER3 product are made from 100% responsibly sourced materials of which over 90% are plant-based. 

These have been proven to generate up to 41% less CO2 than conventional plastic bottles, and are also recyclable.

Next up, distribution.

The team are investing in a fleet of electric trucks, estimated to arrive by the end of 2020. 

Each truck will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 1,000 tonnes of CO2 per year, based on being charged with wind power energy.

Last but not least, production.

The company will build their own production facility, exclusively powered by renewable energy. This source will then be used to power their fleet of electric vehicles.

Co-founder Ravinder Sandhu explained: “At DRINKS3, we know that consumers around the world are seeking more natural and ethically-produced products, which is why we believe in providing products that are good for the mind, body and planet.

“Choosing the carton bottle for WATER3 therefore was a natural choice – offering consumers responsible product packaging that’s innovative within the premium mineral water market.”

The WATER3 product is a pure mineral water sourced from the valleys of Lower Saxony in Germany, with the recyclable bottle primarily made from certified paperboard.

The drinks brand have also reacted to the COVID-19 crisis by moving their efforts from commercial to helping those in need. Consequently, they have so far given away over 20,000 carton bottles of mineral water to NHS hospitals nationwide.

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