Biffy frontman Simon Neil fights homelessness with intimate live gig

While the COVID-19 crisis has shaken the globe, some unlikely heroes have emerged to raise money for those struggling.

While the COVID-19 crisis has shaken the globe, some unlikely heroes have emerged to raise money for those struggling. 

And Scottish legend Simon Neil has shared his talents with a charity to combat women’s homelessness in Los Angeles.

Teaming up with Billboard, the Biffy Clyro frontman performed an intimate live Facebook session in honour of the Downtown Women’s Center while encouraging people to donate.

Opening the performance with a touching rendition of new single Instant History, Simon went on to play Black Chandelier, Friends and Enemies, and Rearrange. 

Biffy Clyro's Simon Neil performing live

Fans went wild for the gig, with one gushing “Many of Horror always sends shivers down my spine. A beautiful song. Beautifully sung.”

And another wrote: “Thank you for saving my totally f**ked up Monday til now.”

Biffy have embraced life online during lockdown, with various other lives sessions and fellow members Ben Johnston and James Johnston taking part in an Instagram Q&A. 

The Q Award-winning trio are on the cusp of releasing their ninth album next month, A Celebration of Endings, set to be unleashed on the world in August.

Speaking to Kerrang! magazine, Simon revealed the record was somewhat cathartic. 

He said: “There were a couple of really long-term professional relationships we had that came to a really horrible end. A Celebration of Endings in that regard applies to trying to make the most out of a bad situation, and really just going, ‘F**k it, these relationships have come to an end, but onwards and upwards’. 

“The same thing applies to society. I feel like with Brexit and everything – and don’t get me wrong, the album isn’t about Brexit – there has been a lot of things that have really been deteriorating in our society: empathy, community, and not living a life that’s purely for the individual. I feel like everything is going the way of, ‘F**k you, you’re not important and I am’. I want to feel like we’ve hit the lowest point of our consciousness as human beings.”

Simon added: “I truly believe the Mayans [ancient civilisation] were right about 2012 when they said the world was going to end. I don’t think the world ended in the way they were anticipating, but I think there was an end of some level of consciousness and we entered this dark period of really just caring about the individual. And I find that really troubling. 

“So, for me the album was also about reaching a point as a grown man and saying, ‘F**k this, I don’t want this to be my reality, for me, my family, so I’m going to put an end to these things in my life and do everything I can to fight against that’.”

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