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Captain Tom Moore receives 120k birthday cards – enough to fill entire school hall

It won't be long before Captain Tom Moore receives his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

It won’t be long before Captain Tom Moore receives his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The army veteran, 99, captured the public’s imagination when he began the challenge of 100 laps around his Bedfordshire garden to raise money for the NHS.

He originally hoped to raise a modest £1,000 in order to thank the medical professionals who cared for him during recent treatment for cancer and a broken hip.

However, with his story gaining momentum across the globe, Captain Moore is now closing in on a whopping £29million.

And by way of thanks, it seems his fans are paying their respects by sending birthday well wishes in their droves.

Captain Moore, who turns 100 on April 30, has been inundated with cards – a whole 120,000 to be precise.

The cards have been displayed in Bedford School’s hall, where the unlikely celeb’s grandson, 16, attends.

Tweeting about his new fanbase, Captain Moore – who served in India and Burma during World War II – said: “I continue to be offered lots of lovely items.

“I really do have everything I need but others are struggling due to Covid-19 so, rather than giving to me, please look to donate these generous offers to a local care home or someone in your community. Thank you.”

His daughter, Hannah, who sits alongside her father during his television appearances, revealed how flabbergasted she was when their fundraising began to snowball. 

She said: “We are completely floored by the amount of support flooding in. It’s just incredible and he is smashing his target.”

To donate to Captain Tom Moore, click here.

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