How a simple bracelet created by 2 brothers is saving our planet

Two brothers have turned eco-entrepreneurs by creating a bracelet that has the power to plant trees.

Two brothers have turned eco-entrepreneurs by creating a bracelet that has the power to plant trees. Sort of…

Their cutely-named treecelet product promises customers that with each purchase of the gemstone jewellery, the siblings pledge to plant up to five trees. 

Miha and Jaka Hrovat grew up surrounded by the forest, having been born into a family carpentry business spanning three generations. 

The brothers began financing tree-planting projects back in 2018, hoping to give back to nature more than they were taking for their carpentry. 

Speaking exclusively to Uspire, Miha said: “We started financing tree planting projects back because we wanted to give back to nature. We also became the first CO2 neutral [planting more trees than they use] craftsmen in Slovenia. This feeling of giving back was unbelievable, but still, we are just a small workforce in one corner of the world. 

“That is why we wanted to scale our impact, and this is how Treecelet was born. We thought that if more people would join this mentality, we could make a true change in the world together. We thought bracelets that plant trees could be a nice medium through which we could share our message. For every bracelet sold, we finance not only tree planting projects, but also educational and awareness content on social media.”

Their passion is driven by their aim to help combat deforestation, whereby an area of forest equivalent to 27 football pitches is cut down every minute.

Despite their inspirational initiative, the brothers faced a lot of obstacles while taking their idea from concept to actuality which they continue to work on today. 

Miha said: “In particular, the production of the bracelets is tricky, knowing which materials to use, finding more sustainable ways of shipping, packaging etc. It’s an ongoing process. 

“We are not environmentally perfect, but we try to improve one thing at a time. There is also a factor that Europe, where we are based, is very diverse language-wise. We try to do everything in native languages, so everyone can understand our message.”

Indeed, their enterprise has incentivised millions around the world to get involved. With their awareness videos on social media having reached more than 10m people. 

Miha added: “We also believe that people behave differently once they join us. They start noticing environmental issues they weren’t aware of before, and they stop buying items or food that harms our planet. Every little change is a win for us.”

With their entrepreneurial flair just beginning, the brothers are also exploring other exciting ways to save the environment.   

Miha added: “Super-fast fashion is a huge problem that we would like to tackle. One thing that people are not aware of is the microplastic coming from synthetic clothes. 

“Besides, fast fashion is also directly linked to deforestation due to the production of viscose and rayon fabrics that are used. Toxic chemicals in dyes also go on to pollute clean water.”

Indeed, fast fashion – companies that churn out high quantities of clothes to keep up with trends that consequently result in high disposal and leave enormous environmental footprints – is beginning to make waves with activists raising awareness.

Just last year, the #30Wears campaign hit social media to encourage the public to only buy an item if they know they will wear it 30+ times rather than just once and throw it away. 

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