Foodie heroes transform health and expose ‘experts’ who make us crave junk

A new summit to promote healthy eating is set to revolutionise our relationship with food.

A new summit to promote healthy eating is set to revolutionise our relationship with food. 

In a bid to educate rather than lecture, the Food Revolution Summit is motivating people to say no to what harms us and yes to what truly nourishes us. 

The programme, which promises to be ‘life-changing’, will inform participants about the foundations of building a healthy immune system by relying on food instead of medicines.

During the summit – running April 25 to May 3 – three informative and inspiring interviews will be broadcast each day featuring leading experts on food and health.

In a twist, the co-founders are descendants of ice-cream giants Baskin-Robbins, so know all about the effects of high-sugar diets.

Ocean Robbins, whose grandfather Irv Robbins founded the iconic 31 flavours chain in the 1940s, revealed that his father John grew up with an ice-cream shaped swimming pool and was groomed from an early age to take over the family business one day.

However, when the time came in his 20s, John said no. 

Ocean said: “Dad rejected the fortune and ended up moving to Canada to live in a wood cabin, growing most of his own food, practicing yoga and meditation for several hours a day. 

“He later moved to California, where he began investigating the food industry and how food choices can make a difference in the world.

“Alongside this, my grandad began suffering from diabetes and was told he didn’t have long to live unless he changed his diet. His cardiologist handed him a copy of his son’s book! He already had a signed copy at home, though faced with his own mortality, he finally read it.

“He began eating less processed foods, and a lot more fruit, vegetables and wholefoods. He even, amazingly, gave up ice-cream. He then weaned himself off his medication, began walking miles each day, and went on to live a further 19 years.”

This remarkable story motivated Ocean to join forces with his dad John and kickstart the Food Revolution Network, to inspire people to reassess what they consume in order to prevent – even reverse – chronic illness; including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer’s. In addition to guiding people to make smarter life choices, their objectives will also help save animals, as well as restore soil and water for future generations. 

With his wealth of knowledge, John Robbins also wants to help people understand the link between nutrition and their mental health.

Speaking ahead of the summit, he explained the higher quantity of processed foods and more refined carbs in someone’s diet, then the higher the risk of depression. Meanwhile, those with a diet rich in wholegrains see significant improvements in emotional wellbeing.

John said: “The worse our diets get, the sicker and more unhappy we get. Healthcare should be renamed disease management. 

“Industrialised food companies use huge amounts of sugar, fat, salt, chemical flavourings, colouring, and preservatives, they overpower our senses and mask the lack of flavour and nutrition rather than supporting health, leading to Western illnesses that plague us today.

“We need a revolution because the richness of our relationship to food has been hijacked by the corporate manipulation of our taste buds.

“Do you think people naturally like what makes them sick and fat? People want to feel healthy and vibrant, but the industry has added too many chemicals to the food they sell us that they’ve got us hooked.”

He added: “They actually hire what they call ‘craveability experts’ to formulate products that are explicitly designed to create cravings. Then the majority of us feel deprived if we’re not consuming these foods that undermine our health.

“We need to take back our taste buds, our mouths and our tongues, so they’re not an exercise in addiction but an act of self-care for us and the people we love.”

John concluded that his mission is for people to experience eating as a way of celebrating what sustains us, and in order to make changes, we need to know the facts.

For more info on the Food Revolution Summit, click here.


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