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Joe Wicks helps suicidal mum with ‘exercise is anti-depressant’ remedy

Joe Wicks for Prime Minister, anyone?

Joe Wicks for Prime Minister, anyone? 

The unlikely hero to have emerged during the Coronavirus outbreak is now within touching distance of raising a whopping £100,000 with his daily workouts.

He has also, unknowingly, been helping people come to terms with their mental health.

A single mother, whose husband recently walked out on her, reached out to Joe to reveal his PE lessons had been the very thing to give her reason to live again after she found herself in a depressive slump struggling with suicidal thoughts. 

Joe, 33, shared the heart-warming fan mail with his 3.6million Instagram followers.

Alongside her note, the entrepreneur added: “I’ve never had a message like this before so was really emotional reading it. I went from feeling sad and upset to having the biggest smile on my face and a warm, positive, happy and optimistic feeling in my heart. 

“I asked for her permission to share it as I really think it’s a super powerful and inspiring example of how daily exercise can transform your mindset and mental health. 

“Exercise is an anti-depressant. Exercise changes the way you feel even if only for a while. 

[Credit: Instagram/thebodycoach]

“If you are suffering from depression know you are not alone. There are people all around the world struggling right now. You can and will get through this. You will see a brighter day every day you exercise. Let today be a brighter day. Give yourself a chance to feel some energy and happiness. It’s waiting for you at the end of a workout. Good luck.” 

Joe, otherwise known as The Body Coach, is donating every single penny of the £100k advertising revenue raised via his YouTube channel to the NHS.

Beaming in a selfie, holding a homemade sign with the amount of donations flooding in, Joe posted: “I’m super happy to announce that as a global community training together with #pewithjoe we have raised an incredible £91,256.38 for the @nhscharitiestogether fund.

[Credit: Instagram/thebodycoach]

“This is every penny so far raised from the 20 workouts we have done together. 

“Thank you so much for taking part and helping raise all this money for a cause which I feel we can all be proud of. The great news is we can grow this number even bigger each week by coming back and tuning in again. To all the NHS staff we LOVE and appreciate you.” 

Joe’s popularity has gone from strength to strength during the crisis, especially after he rejected a BBC offer to deliver classes on TV so he could connect with people online instead. 

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