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Stereophonics’ Kelly Jones praises ‘courageous’ teenage son as he comes out as transgender

The 45-year-old Welsh singer gave a very frank interview to Fearne Cotton for her Happy Place podcast.

Stereophonics frontman Kelly Jones has heaped praise on his teenage son after revealing he has come out as transgender.

The 45-year-old Welsh singer, who is best-known for hits such as Dakota and Maybe Tomorrow, gave a very frank interview to Fearne Cotton for her Happy Place podcast.

Admitting it’s been a long process, Kelly admitted that his oldest child – born Lolita Bootsy – is now known as Colby and came out as gay at the age of 15.

“For me, I had no clue or understanding about any of that stuff, and as a family it’s been playing catch-up,” the musician told 38-year-old Fearne.

“For a while it was just becoming more intense and I remember getting upset one night, and I sounded like an animal, because I couldn’t work out what was going on. You actually go through a grieving process because you feel like you’ve lost a daughter and gained a son.”

Kelly continued: “Then you get responsible for the siblings, and how they’re going to deal with it, and the grandparents.

“The only thing you can really end up getting to is acceptance, really, and I’m at acceptance with it, and we’re all fully supportive. But it’s about resistance to your own prejudices, be it from films or the derogatory terms you heard as a kid… all that comes into your head the moment you hear the word ‘trans’ or ‘transgender’.”

Speaking about his son Colby embracing who he is, Kelly added: “To me, it was very courageous and very brave. My mother finds it hard to use the terminology and the pronouns, and the name, and I could see that Colby was getting upset. So I said to my mother, ‘you’re just going to have to make an effort’.

“Ultimately you have to bring it right back to the point of what you’re talking about really. It’s not about me, it’s not about my mother, her grandmother, it’s their life. It’s them that’s going through it, and you have to try and support that as much as you can,” Kelly added.

The rockstar also spoke about the Stereophonics track ‘Fly Like An Eagle’ and revealed the song’s accompanying music video was inspired by Colby coming out as gay.

Watch the video below, and listen to the full interview here.

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