Feeder recreate iconic Just A Day video as fans rock out in quarantine

Feeder may have just won the gold medal of creating in quarantine.

The silver lining (if you can call it that) of social distancing has been the imagination sparked by people online to connect with others.

And Feeder may have just won the gold medal of creating in quarantine.

Frontman Grant Nicholas and bassist Taka Hirose decided to revamp their iconic 2001 video Just A Day, which saw fans rock out and sing along to the lyrics at home.

Fast-forward two decades, and fans can be seen singing along in their kitchens, in bathtubs, surrounded by booze supplies, and even a nurse and paramedic in their scrubs.

Last month, Feeder posted a callout for submissions on Facebook: “When we made the Just A Day video, we had no idea how popular it would become.

“As such we vowed to never remake it… until now.

“In these unprecedented and difficult times, we felt that it was time to remake the video for a good cause. If you would like to get involved send your videos in.”

While there may be new faces in the re-cast footage, the video is still next level nostalgia, taking viewers back to the grungy-emo days of yesteryear when it was first released.

Alongside inviting fans to be extended members of the Feeder family, the band are asking for donations to Masks4NHSHeroes and the Scrub + Face Protection Hub.

Masks for NHS Heroes are raising funds to provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect healthcare workers against the COVID-19 outbreak, while the Hub’s mission is to also have access to the right PPE but in particular for their family members on the frontline. ​

Just A Day was initially released as a B-side to Seven Days In The Sun, before being unleashed onto the charts as an A-side where it proudly sat in the Top 20 for a month.

Its success was somewhat bittersweet, with the track being the band’s last with late drummer Jon Lee, who died by suicide in January 2002.

Honouring their epic back catalogue of work, Grant has continued venturing back down memory during lockdown with recordings of his earlier work.

In particular, the Welsh musician shared a rendition of Swim – dating back to 1996.

Captioning the video, he wrote: “This is the first time I have played this song in over 20 years so took a while to get back into that headspace again.

“If I remember correctly, I last played this at the Electric Ballroom in Camden the night Taka’s son was born.”

He added: “I remember it was a sold-out show and a real turning point in Feeder’s career.

“I played it on my old brown faithful Jazzmaster, otherwise known as Jesus at the start of the show.”

Feeder were on the Tallulah tour – their 10th studio album – as the Coronavirus pandemic snowballed, with dates having to be postponed. No doubt when the shows resume, Just A Day will shake the walls of each venue.

Taking into account current social distancing measures, the lyrics are especially poignant now: “Waking up at twelve in my clothes again/ Feel my head explode from a night of gin…

“How come it ended up like this? And who’s gonna catch me when I’m coming down/ To hit the ground again/ All by myself…

“I gotta rise above the emotional flood/ Gotta cut these ropes around my hands/ Pull myself around/ How come it ended up like this? And who’s gonna be there when I’ve lost control/ I’m heading to crash-land.”

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