Caitlin Moran on how to learn to love your lockdown weight gain

It's no secret that we've all been indulging a little bit more during the current lockdown situation.

It’s no secret that we’ve all been indulging a little bit more during the current lockdown situation. Whether it’s enjoying half a bottle of prosecco on a Monday night, or consuming way too many Cadbury Creme Eggs long after Easter weekend was over, it’s fair to say healthy eating may have gone out of the window.

But now is not the time to be hating on our bodies, and Caitlin Moran has revealed why now it’s more important than ever to give our figures a little bit of extra love.

Speaking on Annie Mac’s brand new podcast, ‘Changes with Annie Mac’, the 45-year-old journalist got real about the guilt women often feel when it comes to their waistlines.

The new series features conversations with artists, writers, musicians and a host of fascinating people about how we navigate and overcome some of the biggest changes in our lives.

Annie asked Caitlin to think about two changes ahead of their chat, one in her childhood and one in her adult life.

Speaking very honestly about the biggest change she has made during her adult life, the author revealed: “Not hating my body. This is a big thing for women, I think. There are astonishing artists and writers and activists and actors out there. It still seems to be a trope, apart from Lizzo, that every woman at some point, no matter how female positive and self-loving she is, will do a bit in her routine about hating her body.”

Offering advice on how to deal with this, Caitlin added: “It sounds all hokey and hippy, but you have to be your best friend. And even that, because that’s the thing we say often meaninglessly, doesn’t really cut through.”

She continued: “So the thing that I found is most useful for people who hate themselves and hate their bodies is saying to them, ‘Imagine you are your own dog. Imagine you are a lovely dachshund called Colin. Would you starve Colin? Would you tell Colin he’s ugly? Would you tell Colin he’s fat? Would you cut [out] Colin? Would you shout at Colin? Would you slag Colin off to other people?’

“And everyone would be like, ‘But no, that dachshund is adorable’. If you wouldn’t do it to a delightful dachshund like Colin, don’t do it to yourself. But it takes a long time to learn that,” she added.

The mum-of-two went on to admit that had a new-found appreciation for her body after giving birth to her second daughter in 2003.

“It was only when I had my second daughter, because the first birth was catastrophic and I had an emergency C-section. The second was a beautiful water birth. And my body had done a thing.

“It’s quite an active experience getting a baby out. So yeah, I was lucky. I had a great appearance and that was the first time that my body had just given me absolute evidence that it was an awesome thing. My brain and all my f**k-ups could not argue with that. My body had just made a baby come out and so I was lying there breastfeeding her and I just looked down at my legs and just patted him and went, ‘oh, guys, well done’.

“I mean, they hadn’t even done anything. I mean, I was working my way up. Like I said, ‘You’re great legs, you’ve always been with me. You’ve never let me down, like well done’. And so I just started patting my body and I haven’t got another one.”

As well as discussing learning to love her body, Caitlin also talks about growing up without a formal education, her regret at how she acted as a young music journalist and how mucking-about will save us all.

Caitlin Moran is the guest on episode one of ‘Changes with Annie Mac’ out Tuesday. Subscribe to the podcast here.

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