20 stunning photos from around the world to brighten your day

Now, a series of images has come to break up the devastation and spread a little joy.

Even with the best intentions, it’s been tricky to limit the news we’re exposed to each day as the coronavirus crisis snowballed.

Now, a series of images has come to break up the devastation and spread a little joy.

The CEWE Photo Award, the world’s largest photograph competition, features 20 pictures from around the world highlighting the beauty of everyday life.

Sharing intimate snapshots of life from across globe, the collection shows people in their most natural habitats.

One image sees two young girls with their arms around each other, captured by Monika Messavilla in Rangun, Myanmar.

While another captures a couple embracing, taken by Anna Zięty in Nungwi, Tanzania.

A third sees a man finding a novel way to keep up with his grandchildren, scooting by on a skateboard as they walk beside him, caught by Josef Hinterleitner in Sierning, Austria.

And another proves that rainy days don’t have to be gloomy, as Patrycja Gorecka sneaks a glorious moment beneath London’s infamous showers.

Nearly 500,000 images were submitted for the 2019 award, with this year open for entries as of May 18.

The competition is free to enter, with amateur photographers as well as established professionals invited to submit their work.

And with 10 categories, there is an opportunity for every budding artist.

These competition areas are landscapes, people, animals, architecture and infrastructure, food, travel and culture, nature, hobby and leisure, sports, and humour.

There are also a host of prizes to be won.

In particular, first place not only sees the glory of being crowned winner but also a holiday of choice worth €15,000 (£13k), €7,500 of photography equipment (£6.5k) and €2,500 (£2.2k) of CEWE products – as well as an award ceremony in Germany.

For more info, visit CEWE Photo Award.


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