Save money and plastic household waste with revolutionary product

New eco start-up could save 300million single-use plastic bottles entering homes in the UK in one year.

We can all give ourselves a pat on the back for switching from plastic straws to paper ones and doing the weekly recycling, but there is always more than can be done.

And this domestic cleaning company might just be the answer.

New eco start-up Homethings has the potential to save 300million plastic bottles entering homes in the UK each year that simply get chucked after use – which go on to cause extreme environmental issues for our cities, oceans and waterways.

Their campaign hopes to bring about monumental change as they launch a range of non-toxic household sprays to tackle the plastic pollution problem.

They will also reduce carbon emissions from the unnecessary transport of water.

While traditional cleaning sprays comprise of 90% water – and just 9% of the plastic being recycled again – Homethings have created a glass bottle that can be reused along with a ‘drop tab’ cleaning tablet which is simply activated by adding tap water.

Consequently, this removes the need to ship water and eliminates single-use plastics – creating a zero-waste approach to getting your kitchen sparkle on.

The reason 300m single-use bottles may be saved is because each household only requires one bottle, rather the average 10 currently used per house in the UK today.

The co-founders, Tim Keaveney and Matthew Aubrey, met at Edinburgh University and collaborated with their knowledge in finance (Tim) and sustainability (Matthew).

Speaking about the launch of their product, Tim said: “By shipping just the active ingredients, we make it far more carbon and water-efficient to produce the end product.

“Our end goal is to remove the concept of plastic waste entirely.”

Matthew added: “Consumers are demanding change and want to spend with businesses that consider both people and planet.

“Homethings makes it easy to refill at home with non-toxic, sustainably sourced products from a brand that really cares.”

The cleaning bottles and tabs are available in the Homethings ‘Keep it Clean Kits’ which contain products for all-purpose, bathroom, and glass or mirror items.

They are launching through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, with an initial cost of £24.99 before customers can go on to subscribe for tablet refills at just £4.99.

To find out more, grab your Homethings ‘Keep It Clean Kit’ here.


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