New ‘love bubble’ to help mums bond with babies during maternal mental health week

The objective is to make sure new mums don’t feel alone during one of the most overwhelming experiences of their lives.

An entrepreneurial mum of three has created a ‘love bubble’, to help mothers bond with their babies during lockdown.

To coincide with Maternal Mental Health Week, currently running now until Sunday, Gayle Berry – an expert on baby massage and yoga – has launched her new initiative.

The love bubble’s objective is to make sure new mums don’t feel alone during one of the most overwhelming experiences of their lives, particularly during COVID-19.

Speaking about her project, Gayle said: “The idea is to use the love bubble on a daily basis for 10 minutes, when you can feel centred, calm and present with your baby.”

She continued: “For those missing hugs or affection with family far away, notice the love from within. Love comes from loving, nurturing, celebrating, and caring for yourself.

“When we do this, we have a greater capacity to care for others.”

Gayle explained: “Our babies know, and grow, around the power of love and understanding why this is so important.

“At this time, in the chaotic place we find ourselves, the resources allow you to ‘return home to yourself’ and provide that loving, nurturing environment important to babies.”

Gayle, who is the founder of Blossom and Berry – where they teach the power of love and connection to parents and babies through nurturing touch, massage, and yoga – is not only supporting her clients but will also be donating bubbles to the PANDAS Foundation; an organisation who offer pre and post-natal depression advice and support.

The bubble features a variety of offerings; including a skin-to-skin meditation, a guide on baby massage, a bedtime playlist to soothe mind body and soul, and a nursery print.

This week, the Maternal Mental Health Awareness campaign is dedicated to discussing all things wellbeing related, during and after pregnancy, while aiming to raise public and professional awareness of perinatal mental illness.

The theme of this year’s event is ‘supporting mum’s during difficult times’, while each day has a different talking point.

Monday focused on what maternal mental health is, while Tuesday centred on what good support looks like, and Wednesday celebrated World Maternal Mental Health Day.

Today, the spotlight is on what support is available for friends and family. With tomorrow looking at recovery, and both Saturday and Sunday’s focal point being reflection.

For more info, click here: Love Bubble.

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