Grab your air guitar! Today marks ‘loudest day of year’ as Motörhead’s Ace Of Spades turns 40

Iconic rockers Motörhead are celebrating the 40th anniversary of their fourth studio album, Ace of Spades.

We have International Friendship Day, Siblings Day, and of course, Pancake Day.

But now it’s time to turn your speakers up and untie your hair ready for a head-bang sesh, because today officially marks ‘the loudest day of the year’.

The team behind iconic rockers Motörhead are celebrating the 40th anniversary of their fourth studio album, and hit single of the same name, Ace Of Spades.

To coincide with this monumental milestone, they are coining it ‘The 8th of May, The 8th of May’ to mimic the infamous ‘ace of spades, ace of spades’ refrain in the 80s track.

The anthem – played across dance floors, clubs and festivals around the world – is instantly recognisable regardless of what genre of music is personal preference.

Now, you are invited to become extended members of the band and join celebrations on this special day, on a mission to make everything as loud as possible.

First up, the band’s – led by the late Ian Fraser Kilmister aka ‘Lemmy’ – crew will be showcasing a worldwide premiere of a new lyric video for Ace Of Spades.

Next, they’re encouraging us to ‘warpig’ our faces by using a unique Facebook and Instagram filter of the snarling embodiment of Motörhead to transform ourselves.

They will also be releasing a limited edition of Road Crew merchandise online, with a portion of proceeds going to Live Nation’s Crew Nation Fund to provide financial support to touring crews affected during these social distancing measures.

And of course, it wouldn’t be the loudest day of the year without a toast as we’re asked to fill a glass with our favourite tipple – whether JD and Coke, or just OJ.

For anyone new to the Motörhead party, they surfed the new wave of heavy metal music in the 1970s which led the way for UK metal in the late 70s and early 80s.

They released a whopping 22 albums, relishing a career spanning four decades.

The band achieved worldwide success with memorable track names such as Killed By Death, Deaf Forever, Iron Fist, and Born To Raise Hell.

Sadly, all three members of the core lineup – Lemmy, Phil ‘Philthy Animal’ Taylor, and ‘Fast’ Eddie Clarke – have passed away.

To get involved and relive their rock ‘n’ roll legacy, all you need to do is flip your devil horns and use the hashtag #8thofMay.

For more info, visit here: Motörhead Day.

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