Revamp your home in lockdown with these simple makeover tips

We’ve all seen the mile-long queues outside B&Q as people seize the moment in lockdown to modernise their homes.

We’ve all seen the mile-long queues outside B&Q as people seize the moment in lockdown to modernise their homes.

Though some of us would rather play it safe until social distancing restrictions are lifted before we venture out to stores.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t use your time in quarantine for a little DIY.

And thanks to Clare Moreton, photo expert at CEWE, she’s shared a variety of hassle-free ways to transform your home while staying indoors.

First up, she recommends getting crafty and creative.

Many of us look outwards to retailers when we want a makeover, forgetting that we have plenty of items already to revamp our interior designs.

Clare told Uspire: “Why not take the time to get your creative hat on and make the most of the supplies you have lying around your house?

“Whether it’s old birthday and celebration cards, wall paper samples, cotton, ribbon or leftover fabric – you’ll be amazed at what you can create.

“Why not try a fun piece of wall art and frame it to display, or use spare fabric to create DIY cushion covers?

“Not only will the items you make look great, they’ll also be completely unique and personal to you. You can also get the children involved to keep them entertained.”

Next, she suggests a gallery wall – a job many of us will have been putting off for a while.

She explains: “Now is your chance to get it done. It will create a fresh space in your home while helping to add something unique.

“Whatever your style, gallery walls can provide an instant makeover that totally transform any space – whether your staircase, your bedroom, or pride of place in your living room.

“All you need is a selection of prints, some equipment to position them on the wall, and a bit of creativity.”

She added: “Creating a gallery wall doesn’t need to be complex or take hours on end. It’s all about bringing together your favourite pieces that also showcase your personality.

“Experiment with different styles and types of wall art – whether that’s a mixture of bold block colour prints, bright quirky patterns, typography images, or favourite family photos.”

This is the perfect opportunity to finally print out photos that have been on our phones since 2016 – to either frame or have made into canvases to hang up.

Clare also recommends bringing a little of the outdoors, indoors. With a flash of green or a few daisies sprucing up a room simply but effectively.

She says: “If you have a garden that’s starting to bloom in the spring sunshine, why not bring a selection of flowers or a smaller plant indoors?

“They can make beautiful centrepieces for your dining room table and will add instant brightness in your living room.

“If you’re going on a daily walk and pass some wild flowers growing, pick the petals and let them dry out. You can then use them to create natural homemade potpourri that will make a wonderful addition to any room.

“Not only do plants and flowers instantly make space look more beautiful, they can also boost wellbeing and make us feel uplifted – making the perfect addition to any home.”

And last but not least, Clare says never underestimate the power of decluttering.

She said: “If the rooms in your house have looked the same since you moved in, now might be the time to have a rethink.

“Simply changing the position of the furniture in your home can be a really effective but easy way to give it a makeover. You could move items around to give you optimal space, or shake up some of your décor by rearranging bookshelves or ornaments.

“As well as transforming your home, removing any clutter and unwanted items can also be really beneficial for your mood, providing a positive, uplifting energy into your home.”

Looks like that’s our bank holiday sorted then.

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