Girl, 3, bops to dad’s car radio in adorable clip that turns her into YouTube sensation

These cheeky vloggers bring entertainment to the masses with a whopping 500k subscribers.

Okay, so we might be late to the party, but we’ve just discovered The KABS family.

These relatable, quirky and very cheeky vloggers bring entertainment to the masses with a whopping 500k subscribers tuning into their online stories.

Dad Tay and mum Chan run the show with their mini-mes army; Teija, 11, Maliya, three, and baby TJ who just turned one.

Their most popular videos see Maliya in the passenger seat of her dad’s car singing along to a medley of Afrobeats.

Stealing the show, and clearly ready for Britain’s Got Talent, the toddler takes centre stage as she grooves to the tunes proving she has just as much sass as rhythm.

Her first singalong, posted last Christmas, accrued a whopping 14million hits on their channel. With follow-up episodes all reaching more than 1m each.

Maliya’s charisma at such a tender age is clearly a hit in cyberspace, and it looks like she may follow in the footsteps of global star Justin Bieber who was signed after being spotted on YouTube – going on to sell 150m records worldwide.

Meanwhile, in the family’s latest theatrics, there was drama over Maliya wanting to throw a birthday party for Grace – her doll.

While dad was not so keen to celebrate Grace’s big day, mum Chan wanted to go all in with treats and balloons. And naturally, fans couldn’t wait to get in on the action.

Ahead of the big day, one excited supporter tweeted: “Whoop whoop, we are all geared up for Grace’s party. Anything in particular for presents, or will vouchers do? Party on!”

While another joked: “Is there going to be any party games? Asking for a friend.”

Needless to say, the ladies got their wish and Tay was outnumbered as Grace turned two with cupcakes galore and a giant cake with her name on it.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, the Kabs dream team have been posting quarantine diaries and shining a light on family arguments likely happening across the country – from disobeying bedtime to mounting laundry to overindulging on snacks.

Sound familiar?

One diary entry in particular sees Chan accuse Tay of sneaking food the kids when she has already said no.

While another see her confides in followers that “quarantine laundry is not like normal laundry”, as her daughters seem to enjoy changing outfits several times a day.

At least there’s never a dull moment!

For more info, click here: The KABS family.

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