How thinking of family from afar in lockdown can ‘strengthen immune system by 50%’

This simple practice involves reaching out to a loved one, followed by a meditation.

A new initiative to spread love in the community claims to have the power to boost our immune system and to have a profound effect on our heart rates.

The GOLOV-20 campaign, the brainchild of Dr Joe Dispenza, is encouraging people to express feelings to family and friends by sending messages while also using mediation to create a ripple effect of love during social distancing measures.

Dr Dispenza, or rather Dr Joe as he is affectionately knowns, is an international lecturer and educator on all things holistic and wellbeing.

He explores the latest findings from the fields of neuroscience, epigenetics (the study of genes), and quantum physics to uncover the science behind spontaneous remissions i.e. an unexpected improvement or cure from a disease that usually progresses.

Dr Joe then uses this knowledge to help people heal themselves of illnesses, chronic conditions, and even terminal diseases so they can enjoy a more fulfilled life. His practices include evolving consciousness, meditating, and tapping into energy fields.

His latest offering, GOLOV-20, is a simple concept that invites people to think of someone they love before going on to share their reasons why with this person of their choice.

Explaining the process, Dr Joe said: “Think of someone you love, it can be anyone, then take a minute and really think about what it is you love about them.

“What we believe works the best, is if you just begin to write a text, or send an email, or an audio or video recording telling them what you love about them.

“When people start to express love, it opens their heart. When we express love, you are really expressing it with the intention for this person to feel the love that you are feeling.”

He continued: “Typically, we normally give to people that we love (with possessions or our time), but because we are limited by this now, we’re asking you to take them into your heart and feel the love you feel for them instead.

“Our research shows that when people are truly in our hearts, the love that these individuals feel begins to influence their loved ones non-locally. This means, when people feel love and their heart begins to beat in a more rhythmic coherent fashion, we’ve seen people at a distance begin to experience that same type of heart pattern.

“It transcends space and time, all you have to do is have the intention of holding the image of that person that you want them to feel the love that you feel.

“We also know that if you open your heart, just for 15 or 20 minutes per day for three or four days, you can strengthen your immune system by 50%.

“Love tends to bond and connect, we want to create a community of people who are connected by the frequency and the energy of love.”

Dr Joe – who describes himself as an expert on the brain, mind and human potential – has created a template for people to use if unsure of how to express themselves.

The template, available on his Facebook page, is accompanied by a meditation link that complements the personal message to encourage family and friends to explore ways to tap into their emotions and wellbeing for additional mental clarity.

For more info, click here: Dr Joe Dispenza.


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