Discover the great British bake off happening at home

Pounds for Puds is encouraging people to bake at home, while raising money for people in the hospitality industry.

Roll your sleeves up, and grab your pinny, because it’s time to get your cook on.

That is, if you can find any flour which still seems to be like gold dust in lockdown!

A new initiative called Pounds for Puds is encouraging people to bake, you guessed it, puddings – all while raising money for people in the hospitality industry.

Restaurants, pubs and cafés were amongst the first businesses to be struck by the Covid chaos, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered them to close their doors on March 20.

With lockdown restrictions still largely place, they continue to remain closed for the foreseeable future.

In an effort to raise money for Hospitality Action ­– who offer advice, financial and emotional support to those in the industry – the public are being asked to make a dessert, post a picture on Instagram and tag @poundsforpuds.

If people are in a position where they feel able, they are also being encouraged to donate.

And snaps of the edible creations have been flooding in.

So far, the delicacies include caramel semolina pudding, choux pastry buns, banana bread, and a fruit compote with ice-cream topped with the leftovers of an Easter egg!

There have also been cheesecakes, scones, and gateauxs. Not to mention an eye-watering tarte Tatin made by Mourad Khiat, Head Pastry Chef at The Berkeley.

A number of famous faces are supporting the campaign, with chefs Benoit Blin, Gary Jones, and Ollie Dabbous all aboard the sweet treat crusade.

Raymond Blanc, founder of Brasserie Blanc and The White Brasserie Co, is the brainchild behind it. He is also a patron for the charity, with the cause very close to his heart.

For more info, click here: Pounds for Puds.

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