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Stormtrooper scrubs hit NHS frontline after boy, 14, donates Star Wars duvet

For The Love of Scrubs in Harrow have been hard at work over the last few weeks making extra clothing for doctors and nurses in the area.

A 14-year-old boy has donated his precious Star Wars duvet cover to volunteers who are making much-needed scrubs for NHS staff during the global coronavirus pandemic.

For The Love of Scrubs in Harrow, north-west London, have been hard at work over the last few weeks making extra clothing for doctors and nurses in the area.

And this week, one doctor looked particularly cool as he arrived for work wearing attire that most Star Wars fans would be envious of.

Dr David Lloyd, who is currently working at the Covid-19 ‘Hot Hub’ in Harrow, was chuffed with his new uniform and was more than happy to pose for a pic.

[Credit: Facebook]

“I arrived on Monday and there was a package from For The Love of Scrubs Harrow,” he told Uspire. “And it turns out my scrubs are made out of a 14-year-old boy’s Star Wars duvet and he had donated them, isn’t that lovely?”

Revealing that he has been in touch with the volunteers about commissioning them to make more, Dr Lloyd added: “We’re just trying to avoid using our own clothes so any old scrubs will do.

“We put the PPE on over the top so I don’t think it is especially important what you wear – it’s just got to be able to tolerate being washed every day at 60 degrees!”

Susan Bell, who made the snazzy scrubs for Dr Lloyd, revealed the teenager wanted to donate his beloved duvet cover after finding out about the group’s appeal for fabric.

[Credit: Facebook]

“I got four tops out of the cover, and at least one other is being worn by a surgeon in Stanmore Orthopaedic,” Susan told Uspire. “The boy’s sister also donated her fairy and flower duvet cover, but sadly I haven’t had any photos back of people wearing those, although I’ve kept plenty of pictures of the sets.

“I’ve sent photos to the children as their mum said that they are keeping a diary of their lockdown experiences. Those diaries will be fascinating for them to look back at, or for their own children to read in years to come,” Susan continued.

For The Love of Scrubs has local groups up and down the country, with the Harrow volunteers supplying 63 sets of scrubs last week alone.

[Credit: Facebook]

“All of us are volunteers,” Susan said. “Most of us joined the group because we wanted to sew, but we are also having to learn new skills in organisation, ordering and people management. I’m retired and certainly hadn’t thought I would be getting into anything like this!”

The Harrow group was started by Rhoda Agerbak and Umi Tang, who do the bulk of the co-ordination and organisation. As well as the Harrow ‘Hot Hub’, they’ve also supplied scrubs to Northwick Park Hospital, a local St Luke’s Hospice, and some ambulance stations.

And Dr. Lloyd is just one of many frontline workers who is forever grateful for the support. “It’s about people being incredibly generous. We’re constantly getting people dropping parcels of food outside or making us visors, it’s just the local community coming together to try and help. It’s wonderful,” he said.

To find out more and to see if you can help your local group, click here.

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