Fancy a cheeky pint down the pub? Now you can! (Sort of)

If there’s one thing us Brits love, it’s a trip down the pub with our mates.

If there’s one thing us Brits love, it’s being down the pub with mates.

But with boozers ordered to close back in March when the coronavirus pandemic snowballed, we’ve been mourning our snakebites and spritzers ever since.

Now, thanks to the genius of The Red (On)Lion, the public are being invited to enjoy a pint with pals once more – albeit from the comfort of our own homes.

Created by CAMRA, aka the Campaign for Real Ale, a new virtual pub allows us to get together for a beer in cyberspace while tackling the loneliness and social isolation felt during the lockdown and closure of the nation’s pubs.

The video platform welcomes solo drinkers to join the public bar for a lively chat over a bevvy or friends to book a table for a private session of up to four people.

Looking for ways to continue evolving while social distancing measures remain in place, they are also working on streaming pub quizzes and an array of activities.

So far, they have featured a session on British brews, an introduction to cider with a ‘ciderologist’, and a presentation on homebrewing.

Their next event will be May 19 with podcaster Emma Inch to discuss sustainability in beer.

The #PullingTogether campaign was launched alongside SIBA (Society of Independent Brewers) and Crowdfunder to support the brewing and pub industry, encouraging people to share what beer they’re sampling on the sofa.

For more info, click here: The Red (On)Lion.

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