Grow own veg with the kids (then make homemade ketchup too)!

Mother Nature is proven to have a positive impact on wellbeing, and even having a plant on your desk is said to reduce stress.

A green-fingered family are encouraging the public to share their love of gardening during the COVID-19 crisis.

Ciaran and Fiona De Buitlear – along with sons Sam, 11, and seven-year-old Zack – have been posting videos of their hands-on approach to mealtimes.

In the hope of galvanising others to take part, the Irish dream team have been potting tomatoes, growing potatoes, and planting stunning ‘Queen of the Night’ tulips.

Speaking exclusively to Uspire, dad Ciaran said: “Sam and Zack felt bad about everyone being stuck inside and not being able to go out ‘because of the Covid’.

“They wanted to help people, especially kids to do gardening. We wanted to film activities that many people could do if they had a bit of guidance. 

“Sam made a film about planting potatoes in containers, then Zack wanted to do one as well so he asked if he could. 

“The next job we had in the garden was to repot the tomatoes, so we went ahead and made the film.”

The family’s video has been welcomed with open arms, closing in on 20,000 views.

Ciaran continued: “People are going out and getting stuck into their gardening and have said that Zack inspired them. Others have been sending us pictures of their tomatoes.

“Zack is getting gardening questions about tomatoes and all kinds of things. Daddy has to help him answer some of them!”

Back on March 20, UK schools were ordered to close as the coronavirus pandemic gripped the globe. While there have been conditional guidelines that primary schools will return on June 1 if the rate of transmission remains low, pupils remain behind closed doors as parents turn their best efforts to homeschooling.

This is why the De Buitlear clan believe it’s so important to have a little light relief and take our minds “off nasty things”, as they say they always feel better after gardening. 

Mother Nature is proven to have a positive impact on wellbeing, and even something as simple as having a plant on your desk is said to reduce stress.

Pop Idol winner Will Young revealed on an episode of Gardeners’ World how working in the outdoors of his Cornwall home helps relieve his deep-rooted anxiety disorder.

Chatting about they hope people will learn from them, Ciaran added: “We just say, give it a try. If you don’t know where to start, ask us for advice. We are glad to help.

“We are planning to make more videos, so stay tuned for our next one; planting tomatoes out in growbags using our homemade ring culture system.”

Looks like that’s our Saturday sorted then.

For more info, click here: Gardening Well.

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