NHS thank you song released – crediting frontline team for ‘terrifying’ job

The track has been written by Kenza Blanka, a mental health nurse who starred on The Voice.

A singer who starred on The Voice has created a song dedicated to our NHS heroes.

Kenza Blanka, who appeared on the reality show last year, has penned a new track to say thank you the frontline workers and to also raise money for the health service.

The tune – entitled We Wanna Say Thank You – sees Kenza sings against the backdrop of nurses and doctors carrying out their duties in hospital.

During the heartfelt lyrics, Kenza’s spoken words say: “You turn on the heart, and you put on that smile/ No matter what’s happening with you on the inside.

“Your job is terrifying, emotional and tiring/ Rewards outweigh the cons for you, which helps you to keep on striving.

“You share our most challenging times, you save our precious lives/ Through beautiful or difficult moments, you never leave our side.”

The topic is very close to Kenza’s heart, for as well as focusing on a career in music, she is also a qualified mental health nurse.

She uses her expertise in this field to create music that focuses on self-expression, race, and identity – all while incorporating Arabic, French, and English languages.

The Moroccan artist, 34, has also delivered a TEDx talk and is currently producing a five-part short film series, focusing on issues surrounding mental health awareness.

Kenza – who cites Labyrinth, Professor Green, and Ghetts as her musical influences – is also on a mission to raise £1,000 for the NHS with her song.

She said: “I am passionate about improving people’s lives and promoting self-love.

“I have written the song as our heroes need us. I have nurses in my immediate family who are risking their lives on the frontline as you read this.

“I wanted to do something to give back to the NHS, which I love. Being a nurse myself, I know how stressful it can be (but also rewarding!) to give up your time to heal people.”

Kenza added: “One of the nurses I know lost a child due to coronavirus, and I want to be able to support her as well as spread financial aid towards equipment for the NHS.

“I want to raise this money to show the health care workers that we love them, and most importantly, appreciate them.”

To donate to the NHS, click here: Kenza Blanka.

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