New quirky social distancing rules shows future of eating out

How the hospitality industry is adapting to the new normal.

A restaurant has reopened its doors amidst the coronavirus chaos with a flair of creativity to keep diners apart but also together.

The eatery in Amsterdam is currently trialling greenhouse-style cabins whereby guests have their own space outside, but still with a feel of communal socialising.

Set against the backdrop of the Amstel river, Mediamatic Waterfront now operates with restrictions in place, under strict conditions that people maintain a 2m distance.

Speaking to the BBC, chef Giulia Soldati revealed: “We want people to still feel safe to eat together and share a meal and we’re doing that by experimenting a little bit with food.

“We [the staff] will always be outside the cabins, so it is going to be safe.

“We are going to wear gloves and a protection mask, and we will never cross the line inside the space – it will always be our guests’ space.”

Using long wooden boards, members of staff will be able to serve the tasting dishes to visitors by simply sliding it onto the greenhouse table.

Giulia added: “I worry all the time, but equally we have the role of making this fear maybe a little bit less.

“Not to forget about it [the virus] at all, but to start co-living with it.

“Our aim is to welcome people and make them happy, and in this moment… it’s actually a challenge to redesign hospitality.”

The restaurant prides itself in serving organic and sustainable food where possible – using the herbs and edible flowers they cultivate onsite.

They offer an array of tantalising treats, including fresh seafood caught by local fishermen and wood-fired pizzas from their very own hand-made clay oven.

The Netherlands, of which Amsterdam is the capital city, has seen nearly 44,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 5,680 deaths at the time of publication.

For more info, click here: Mediamatic Waterfront.

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