Silent disco hits park as pals party apart in social distancing rave

Crank up the volume, put on your fave track, and start dancing like no one's watching!

Crank up the volume, put on your fave track, and start dancing like no one’s watching!

For a woman in the Midlands has launched silent discos to keep the boredom of lockdown at bay, all at a respectable 2m apart of course.

On the hunt for dance partners, Olivia Mendoza put a call out in a Leicester Facebook group to gauge interest of fellow locals interested in mixing up their daily exercise.

She wrote: “I would love love love to organise a mass socially distanced silent disco in Victoria Park but think it might get shut down very quickly…

“So, instead, I’m inviting one person at a time to join me in Vicky Park for some socially distanced dancing to our own headphone music.

“I currently walk/dance alone in the park (looking like a mad person) and think it would be so much more fun in pairs.

“Would anyone like to join me? For maybe 30 mins to one hour.

“I’m not a good dancer. And my knees aren’t what they used to be. But I love it.”

Within moments, the offers began flooding in.

One enthusiast wrote: “Ohhhh yes!! Fun!! I’ve been dancing, yoga-ing and meditating there on my own up to now. Would love to sync our park walking and dancing times.”

The twinkle-toed pair then arranged to meet by the memorial, and planned what to wear – including a red T-shirt in the mix –so that they would know who each other were.

Dancing is known to improve both physical and mental health by lifting mood, reducing anxiety, improving posture and flexibility, all while increasing aerobic power and strength.

Olivia, an artist who runs creative workshops, is currently trying to revamp her business following the impact coronavirus has had on her face-to-face sessions.

She is now exploring ways to take Art To Heart online, and has just launched a YouTube channel.

Her videos feature tutorials on how to create mandalas, which are known to help healing and self-expression by using art as a meditative practice.

For more info, click here: Art To Heart.

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