Celebs host UK’s largest virtual dinner party and we’re all invited

We may not be able to dine out in restaurants again just yet, but that doesn't mean we have to eat alone.

We may not be able to dine out in restaurants again just yet, but that doesn’t mean we have to eat alone. In fact, tonight the UK’s largest virtual dinner party is taking place and we’re all invited – just don’t forget the vino.

Hosted by Nick Grimshaw with star guests Katherine Ryan, Paloma Faith and David Haye, the Table for 1 Million event dinner party is available to everyone, free to attend and will give households the chance to ask questions through a chat feed and get involved using interactive polls.

Research by Gousto found that dinnertime has become more of an occasion in lockdown for almost half of Brits – 45 per cent in fact. Playing games at the table, creating a themed evening, and dancing in the kitchen are some of the most popular ways to elevate dinnertime.

Almost another half (44 per cent) of people are making more of an effort to cook and eat with other members of the household. While 36 per cent of people polled said that dinner time is something to look forward to, and 31 per cent said mealtimes keep positivity up at home.

Video calling is now seen as a positive, with 83 per cent of people say they look forward to video calling with friends or family to lift their mood during the lockdown.

Before taking their virtual seats, guests should cook up a mouthwatering meal to enjoy during the dinner party. To help these dishes look delicious on screen, Gousto’s top food stylist Jenny Brown and senior recipe developer Jordan Moore have teamed up to share their do-it-yourself tricks.

Take your foodie photos in natural lighting: It’s all about lighting, when getting that perfect dinner shot – try placing your plate down next to a window, and never use your build in flash. Natural lighting shows all the delicious details, and highlights the vibrant colours of your dish.

Don’t overcrowd your plate: Piling your plate up will look messy, keep it simple! Find a focus point on the plate and add ingredients around to complement. Have a change of scenery and introduce your dish to a jazzy table cloth or tea towel to balance the shot.

Experiment with layers and height: Transform a basic dish by introducing different levels and layout of food. Try stacking different elements of your dish, to create that wow factor!

Have a play around with angles: Achieve that dinner party shot by moving around the plate and taking a variety of different images – this way you can see which angle your dish looks the best from. Every dish will have a preferable angle.

So, what are you waiting for? Time to pop your apron on and join Nick and co. for what it sure to be an unforgettable Friday night.

Join Nick Grimshaw at Gousto’s Table for 1 Million tonight at 8pm.

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