Hero Gillian Anderson on mission to save caged animals so they can climb trees again

The X Files star is on a mission to release the animals in sanctuaries, where they would have trees to climb, and other animals to play with.

Keeping animals locked-up has always been a topic of controversy, and now the subject has been catapulted into the public debate once more following Netflix show Tiger King.

Even before Joe Exotic and his eccentric lifestyle graced our TV screens, one famous face has been campaigning for animal rights across the globe.

Enter Gillian Anderson, centre stage.

The X Files star is on a mission to release the animals in Pata Zoo, Thailand.

In an open letter to the zoo’s owner, Kanit Sermsirimongkol, Gillian wrote asking for the facility to close so the animals could be transferred to reputable sanctuaries.

She said: “In these trying days, we are all experiencing the challenges of seclusion.

“I can’t help but think about the animals in the Pata Zoo, who have experienced the same loneliness and isolation for years or decades.

“In light of the recent fire that broke out at the zoo, I am writing to ask you to honestly reflect on what life is like for animals there and to come to the decision to close it.”

The zoo, located inside a department store, opened in Bangkok during the early 1980s.

It is situated across two floors; the first housing nocturnal animals, such as reptiles and amphibians; the second home to birds, tigers, leopards, panthers, and golden jackals.

There is also an orangutang named Kat, imprisoned with little opportunity for mental stimulation or exercise, and a gorilla called Bua Noi who has been there since 1983.

PETA Asia has offered to help transfer all of the animals there to a sanctuary, where they would have trees to climb, grass to roll on, and many other animals to play with.

In her letter, Gillian added: “As you surely know, the Pata Zoo has been called one of the saddest places in the world.

“By making the decision to close the zoo and send the animals to reputable sanctuaries with the help of my friends at PETA, you can end the growing controversy and show the world that animals deserve mercy.”

Other stars from the screen to support PETA’s cause include Pamela Anderson, Alicia Silverstone, and Ryan Gosling.

For more info, click here: PETA.

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