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Couple’s wedding postponed due to Covid-19 – but loved ones turn it around with epic surprise

Couples around the world have been forced to delay their big day due to coronavirus.

One thing we can all agree on is that 2020 is pretty much a write off. No exams, no holidays, no festivals, no mass gatherings – and sadly no weddings. Couples around the world have been forced to postpone their big day due to Covid-19 – except for a few who opted for a Zoom wedding.

One couple who decided to change the date of their nuptials was Gill Littler and her fiancé Neil Hagerty – who were due to tie the knot in Italy on May 24th. For obvious reasons, the wedding couldn’t take place at Scaliger Castle in Malcesine on Lake Garda, and the pair have rebooked for September 2021.

Speaking to Uspire, 32-year-old Gill explained: “We were absolutely devastated back in March when the borders of Italy closed – we knew in our hearts then that our wedding wouldn’t be going ahead in May. However, in the grand scheme of things with people losing their lives, it really wasn’t anything to worry about.”

Gill and Neil, 34, initially postponed the wedding to September 20th this year, but they soon realised it just wouldn’t be the day they had dreamed of.

“We just felt the safest thing to do for all of our loved ones would be to move the wedding to later in 2021, when hopefully we can all celebrate together.”

Gill continued: “We hadn’t planned to celebrate our original wedding day – it didn’t feel right with so many lives being lost – it just paled in comparison. We obviously knew the day was looming and there was a slight sadness in our hearts, but in the the week leading up to the 24th we were inundated with the loveliest messages and most thoughtful gifts.”

However, the one gift Gill and Neil were not expecting was an EPIC homemade video featuring their friends and family.

“We had planned to do a Zoom quiz on the day with Neil’s family and when we logged on, the wider family had joined too – which was such a sweet and thoughtful surprise,” Gill revealed. “We were explaining how kind people had been to us and then Neil’s sister said, ‘well we have a little something else for you, look at your phones’.”

What the couple then watched was a fantastic reenactment of the memorable theme tune for nineties TV show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – which stars Hollywood actor Will Smith.

But instead of the usual lyrics, Gill and Neil’s loved ones had rewritten the song in order for it to be personal to them and their big day.

Speaking about the thoughtful surprise, Gill said: “To say we were blown away is an understatement! We have never been so touched and both laughed and cried the entire way through – we’ve watched it umpteen times now and it still brings tears to our eyes with every watch!”

The PR, who lives in London, continued: “We feel so lucky and can’t get over how much time and effort must have gone into the making of it – it really is incredible,” before adding she and Neil recently got a puppy – named Zeus – and described him as their “silver lining for not getting married”.

The couple – who went to school together – are now enjoying quality time with their Zuchon pooch and looking ahead to their special day – and will no doubt watch the video a fair few times before then!

Speaking about how the idea for the hilarious remake came about, Neil’s sister Faye told Uspire: “We wanted to show Neil and Gill that even though their big day is being pushed back, all their friends and family can’t wait to celebrate their love story with them when the time is right.

“So we thought a fun video including all their loved ones would show them how much we support and love them, and give them a positive memory to look back on in these unusual times!” she added.

That’s definitely one to show the grandkids in years to come!

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