Motivational guru Jay Shetty to boost your happiness and success with new challenge

The challenge is led by Jay Shetty, a motivational speaker who was recognised on the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2017.

‘Just love yourself’, ‘be epic’, ‘you’re awesome’… sometimes Instagram memes can miss the mark even with the best intentions.

So, if you’re struggling a little and don’t know where to turn, then Jay Shetty might just be the man you’ve been looking for.

The motivational speaker, who was recognised on the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2017, has the extraordinary talent of both wisdom and connecting with people.

And now he is on a mission to help the public with his new Love Your Life challenge, a three-day event that boasts six tools for daily happiness and success.

Kickstarting tomorrow, the challenge promises to guide participants to find strategies for growth, as well as discover more energy, empowerment, and excitement in life.

In particular, Jay pledges that people will be able to find a work/life balance; control thoughts and transform energy to find more harmony by moving forward rather than backward; and accomplish more by staying aligned with goals and avoid overthinking.

The challenge will be offered up in various platforms, including daily live videos, a downloadable PDF workbook, discussion prompts to interact and brainstorm with other members, as well as a private community full of encouragement and support.

Jay’s immense popularity online has seen his teachings go global, with a whopping 3.4million subscribers on YouTube and an impressive 6m followers on Instagram.

His knowledge and insight has even caught the eye of Hollywood, with Jay appearing on The Ellen Degeneres Show last year.

During the interview, he revealed just how his personal journey had evolved, from life in the rat race to becoming an international guru.

Jay explained: “When I was growing up in London, I had three choices – to be a doctor, a lawyer, or a failure.

“I ended up at business school, so I guess I was the third.

“Every week, we had CEOs, entrepreneurs, celebrities coming to speak and share their story. I was fascinated by how people could go from nothing to something.

“One week I was told a monk had been invited, I said to my friend we’re only going if we can go to a bar afterwards because I wasn’t interested…

“But the talk changed my life. It was the most captivating presentation I had ever been to.

“He spoke about selflessness, service and kindness and it got me hooked.”

The chance encounter led Jay to spend his summer holidays, age 18 to 22, half working in the finance world wearing suits in London and the other half living as a monk in India.

At 22, he turned down his corporate job offers, and pursued his dream whereby he lived as a monk in India for three years.

On his return to the UK, he saw the stress his friends were under in their high-powered jobs, which led to them inviting him into their offices to talk as a guest speaker.

For more info, click here: Love Your Life.


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