Think with your head or heart? Or both? See out how they relate with Gregg Braden

Online event to delve into why resilience begins in the heart, not the brain.

We may be living in 2020, though the mind-body connection is still a relatively new concept.

And while the majority of us view our mental and physical health as two separate entities, it is understood that our thoughts can influence our biological functioning.

Now, an online event aims to delve into why resilience begins in the heart not the brain.

Hosted by international guru Gregg Braden, who describes himself as ‘a pioneer bridging modern science, spirituality, and human potential’, the event – entitled Live Hearts Lovestream – will broadcast on Saturday at 7pm on Facebook.

A group of famous faces from the science and music worlds will share their wisdom to help you tap into your resiliency during these challenging times and guide participants towards the new world that is emerging, all while supporting the work of All Hands And Hearts – a volunteer-powered disaster relief organisation.

Scientists Bruce Lipton and Lynne McTaggart will provide insights into global coherence and celebrate the themes of community, imagination and freedom, alongside the Heart Math Institute who research how emotions affect the heart-brain-body connection.

Special guests include the legendary Quincy Jones, Kelly Slater (aka 11 times World Champion of surf), and Grammy Award-winner Sheryl Crow.

Pussycat Doll and former X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger will also be performing her new song No Place Like Home with Bo Napoleon.

Host Gregg is a five-time New York Times best-selling author who argues that human emotions affect DNA and that collective prayer may have healing physical effects on us.

He kickstarted his career as a problem-solver during times of crisis for Fortune 500 companies. Today, he continues problem-solving by exploring the origin of humanity.

His aim is to unlock our potential and understanding of why who we are as individuals informs the choices we make in everyday life and how that affects the emerging world.

For more info, click here: Live Hearts Lovestream.


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