Why we’re a fan of Stacey Solomon and her positive attitude

At Uspire we've decided to shine a light on some of our fave celebs and remind you that many of them are down-to-earth and real, just like us.

It’s not always easy being a celebrity. No matter what they do, they’re often criticised for it and sometimes they just can’t win. So, at Uspire we’ve decided to shine a light on some of our fave VIPs and remind you that many of them are down-to-earth and real, just like us.

In the first of our #PositivePeeps series, we want to give a massive shout out to the one and only Stacey Solomon – who first found fame on The X Factor back in 2009.

Stacey, 30, is an avid user of Instagram stories and boy are we pleased about this! As well as offering up some fab ideas for jazzing up your kid’s lunches, the mum-of-three loves to show off her hacks from keeping the house organised.

And when she’s not getting family dinners prepped for the week, the Loose Women panelist treats us to some super cute videos of her youngest son Rex, who recently turned one.

If you’re a fan of Stacey, then you’ll know her adorable nickname for Rex is ‘Pickle’, and she likes to call her boyfriend Joe Swash, ‘Hoe’. Just one if the many reasons we’re a fan of her!

As well as being funny, bubbly and the owner of an epic cheesy grin, Stacey is not afraid to keep it real and often shares snaps of herself in swimwear – proving that not all celebs feel the need to post perfectly, airbrushed photos.

At the beginning of 2020, Stacey shared a very refreshing picture which showed her swimming with Rex whilst wearing a floral print bikini. The TV star captioned it: “New year, same me. Because why change something that brought me the most happiness I could ever imagine. That brought me the smiley seven month old in the picture and the most amazing 11 year old taking it.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way. Here’s to another year of loving our bodies no matter how hard society tries to stop us,” she added, and the post was liked almost 500,000 times.

More recently, Stacey took the time out of her day to thank her 3.3 million Instagram followers for being so kind to her by sharing a selfie of her and Joe with little Rex – who appears to have inherited his mum’s huge grin.

Stacey captioned it: “Never let the world change your smile. Instead use your smile to change the world. I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you to each and every one of you for always being so bloody lovely. So kind and supportive.

“For sending messages that build people up and make them feel like they have THE best group of friends EVER. You are angels and you have no idea what difference you make to someone who sometimes need to hear your kind words. There will always be someone out there trying to bring you down. Don’t give them the power to take your smile away.

“The only keeper of your happiness is you. So keep it far away from harm, you deserve to be happy,” Stacey added – and we couldn’t agree more!

So thanks to Stacey for being a celeb we can relate to, and for making our timelines that little bit funnier – especially during this strange time. We Stan!

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