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Deeply moving scenes show black protesters protect white cop separated from squad

The white cop, in full riot gear, seemed a little overwhelmed by the support.

While reports of rioting and looting have made headlines, there is also a very different truth to be told in the aftermath of the George Lloyd death – and that is one of unity.

These incredible scenes from Kentucky, America show a group of black men helping a white officer who was alone while under threat from an angry crowd.

Posting on Twitter, Nancy Duncan shared the heart-warming snaps with the caption: “Last night in Louisville. Protesters protected an officer separated from his squad.”

[Credit: Twitter @ndduncan59]
[Credit: Twitter @ndduncan59]

The white cop – in full riot gear, complete with helmet and baton –can be seen looking a little overwhelmed by the support.

Meanwhile, a separate incident was reported in Louisville whereby a group of white women lined-up arm in arm to block police lashing out at black protestors.

The outpouring of solidarity has been one that has echoed across the world.

Over in Minnesota, the state where Floyd lost his life, a National Guard soldier was filmed kneeling with protesters and telling them his “heart hurts as a human being”.

And in Newark, New Jersey protestors could be seen throwing shapes during a mass Cupid Shuffle – a popular line dance that went viral in the noughties.

This side of the pond, Brits united yesterday as London played host to a protest in Hyde Park.

Just as the public come together to show their support and activism for anti-racism, they are also waiting to see if justice will be served to police officer Derek Chauvin.

Charges against Chauvin were escalated on Wednesday to second-degree murder whilst the other three officers involved have now been charged with aiding and abetting murder.

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