Why we’re a fan of Fearne Cotton and her happy Place

At Uspire we've decided to shine a light on some of our fave VIPs and remind you that many of them are down-to-earth and real, just like us.

It’s not always easy being a celebrity. No matter what they do, they’re often criticised for it and sometimes they just can’t win. So, at Uspire we’ve decided to shine a light on some of our fave VIPs and remind you that many of them are down-to-earth and real, just like us.

In the second offering of our #PositivePeeps series, we want to give a massive shout out to the one and only Fearne Cotton – who first found fame as a children’s television presenter back in nineties.

Since then, Fearne has gone on to enjoy a successful radio career, presented Top of the Pops and served as a team captain on the hugely popular TV show Celebrity Juice alongside her good friend Holly Willoughby.

More recently, 38-year-old Fearne launched Happy Place which includes an annual festival and Fearne’s very own podcast. In her own words, Fearne says: “This is a place where I want to collect all things that make me happy – from joyful food to a clear mind. I hope there’s something here to bring good, simple happiness to your every day…”

Fearne, who is married to musician Jesse Wood, has been very honest about her own struggles with mental health over the years and continues to speak out – in the hope of helping others.

In a 2019 interview, Fearne admitted that she hasn’t driven on the motorway since suffering a debilitating panic attack in in 2017, but said the incident inspired her to take a closer look at her work-life balance. This was when she decided to quit some of her TV works and focus on becoming a wellness ambassador for fans via the Happy Place initiative.

“If I want to be a good mum, a good wife and friend and person who can be capable at work, I need to take care of myself,” she explained. “It was a chance to think: I need to step back from a lot of this stuff. I do need to be a bit more selfish.”

In her book Happy, which was released in 2017, Fearne credited Jesse for helping her through her depression. “I’m exceptionally lucky that I met someone who’s so unbelievably free-spirited and curious about life and open-minded. He’s constantly a good soundboard and has a very positive outlook.”

Fearne, who is mum to son Rex and daughter Honey, is also stepmom to Jesse’s two children from his first marriage and often gives her followers a glimpse into real-life as a parent.

In April, Fearne shared a hilarious video filmed by her son which showed her make-up free as she sorted the laundry out at home. She captioned it: “This video is a perfect summary of my lock down thus far.”

Fearne often posts funny snaps after sleepless nights and keeps it real when talking about balancing life as a working mum. She often credits yoga and running as a great way of helping her mental health, as well as a vegan diet.

More recently, Fearne has been vocal about Black Lives Matter and has shown her support on social media by sharing links to crowdfunding pages where people can donate.

Overall, we think Fearne is just a wonderful human being who makes the most of her platform by speaking out and helping others. So thank you Fearne, for being a celeb we can relate to, and for making our timelines that little bit funnier – especially during this strange time. We Stan!

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