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‘Be part of the solution not the problem’ Kevin Hart films powerful message to media over George Floyd death

American stand-up comedian has filmed a video explaining how he we can change narrative of racism.

As the world continues to recoil from the tragic death of George Floyd, killed by a police officer on May 25, people are opening their eyes and ears to how deep-rooted racism is.

While intentions are good, the reality is that a lot more can still be done as people begin to educate themselves on race and police brutality issues.

And one champion has become a beacon of hope as he offers his insight into how we can change our outlook on a global scale.

American stand-up comedian and actor Kevin Hart has filmed a video explaining how he believes we can get to the root of the issue.

Speaking to his 92million followers on Instagram, he said: “A message to all journalists, you guys control the narrative. So, I feel like you guys have a job to do.

“Right now, I’m watching that narrative slowly change into the rioting and the looting but we’re not talking about the reason why.

“I don’t want to lose sight of that reason. The reason is because a man died at the hands of a police officer. George Floyd, rest in peace.”

Kevin added: “It was another senseless death, when I say ‘another’ that’s because we’ve got several that we can talk about.”

Kevin then spoke about Colin Kaepernick, the US football quarterback who ‘took the knee’ on the pitch to protest against racial injustice, police brutality and systematic oppression.

However, the mass reporting in 2016 quickly turned from why he was doing it to claims he was disrespecting the US flag during the national anthem.

Kevin continued: “That’s the narrative! When people are looking for justice, for this to stop, for correction, your job should be pushing that as well. As the media, you should be on the side of angry people… on the side of the solution, not the problem.

“Within solution, is the find for change. And change is justice. He [Derek Chauvin] shouldn’t be charged with third-degree murder it should be first-degree murder. The other officers there yet to be charged, they should be charged. That’s making justice.

“We can’t just keep saying ‘equality’, we have to take action and go in that direction. Control the narrative correctly. Make sure people know what the anger is about.”

The heartfelt video has been viewed nearly 5m times, with fans flocking in their thousands to comment and applaud the 40-year-old for his efforts raising awareness.

While mainstream media may still be playing catch-up on Kevin’s message, social media is awash with solidarity and support.

One video in particular, shared by Piers Morgan, sees white neighbours kneel down and beg their black neighbours for forgiveness on behalf of white people for years of racism.

Meanwhile, the #GeorgeFloyd and #blacklivesmatter hashtags trend around the world.

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