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Mother creates eye-opening vid to combat racism as she asks: ‘When did my black baby become a threat?’

As the world unites following the death of George Floyd, a mother has made an incredible video to help the public understand her perspective.

As the world unites in support and solidarity following the death of George Floyd, a mother has made an incredible video to help the public understand her perspective.

Lauryn Whitney created a short two-minute clip entitled ‘When Did My Black Baby Become A Threat To You’ and shared it on her Instagram page.

Already closing in on 300,000 views at the time of publication, the footage sees Lauryn challenge people on their perceptions of when racism was ingrained into them.

Looking down the camera lens, she says: “I dare you, ask yourself. When did my baby become a threat to you?”

The scene then cuts to a little boy asking, “when I cried?”, followed by a series of other kids asking similar questions such as “when I started to crawl?”, “when I started to speak?”, and “when I started to dream?”

As the video progresses, the participants get older, with the boys morphing into men and asking viewers about when their prejudices began with questions including “when my jeans were too baggy?”, “when I wore a hoodie?”, and “when I went for a run?”

The probing continues with emotive questioning including “when I wear a mask, to protect you?”, “when I raise my voice?”, and the most poignant “when I breathe?”

During the Minneapolis tragedy, which was caught on camera, Floyd was filmed saying “I can’t breathe” as police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes.

The video concludes with the men transforming back into an image of a little boy who asks: “when I was born?”

Lauryn posted the video alongside the caption: “I am a mother, a black mother, to a black boy. I’ve wept, I’ve wailed, I’ve lost count of the names.

“Open your eyes to the wreckage. Your mind should be rioted by the memories of these names. Repost and share, commit to combating anti-black racism. Do something.”

Protestors marched peacefully in London’s Hyde Park this week. Meanwhile, members of the public were invited to ‘take the knee’ on their doorsteps at 6pm on Wednesday.

While stemming from tragedy, Floyd’s death has sparked a worldwide debate, uniting people as they pledge to take more anti-racist action than stay silent and be complicit.

Chauvin, 44, is currently being held at the Minnesota Correctional Facility at Oak Park Heights – charged with second-degree murder.

It has since been reported that his wife has filed for divorce.

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