Hardcore Nick Cave fan blown away as singer donates socks to help save music venue

Trinity bar, located in Harrow, is somewhat of an institution, but unfortunately it hasn't qualified for the Government grants during the pandemic.

Nick Cave has leant his support to a legendary music venue which is at risk of shutting down due to Covid-19.

Trinity bar, located in Harrow, is somewhat of an institution in the north west London town but unfortunately it hasn’t qualified for the Government grants during the global coronavirus pandemic.

It costs the bar almost £2,000 per week in order to stay open and with no income since the UK went into lockdown, it quickly became a reality that Trinity may not survive.

Speaking exclusively to Uspire, manager Chris Perdue explained: “I realised we needed to raise cash quickly if we were to survive. So I got together with the Music Venue Trust who had started a campaign called #SaveOurVenues, and we were able to set up a crowdfunder through them.”

In his own words, 49-year-old Chris is a “massive Nick Cave geek” and has travelled all over the world to see the 62-year-old singer and the Bad Seeds. Along the way, he’s made friends all around the globe who are also massive fans.

Unbeknownst to Chris, these friends all came together and came up with an idea of mobilising Nick Cave fans all around the world to donate memorabilia, merchandise, records and fan art to raise funds for Trinity.

“I’m still dumbfounded by their kindness,” Chris admitted. “I should give them a shout out as they’re an international bunch. We have a Britta (German), a Spela (Slovenian), Paula (Dutch), Anne (Belgian) and Muriel (French). They have all put so much work into this and I cannot thank them enough. I have so much love for all of them.”

However, the biggest shock of all came when Nick himself made a donation. The Australian born musician has provided a pair of Gucci socks alongside a handwritten note which reads: “This pair of sparkly socks officially belong to Nick Cave and are worth a f**king fortune.”

The silver socks are up for auction on eBay for one week and the current bid stands at £1,221.

“To have his involvement in our little auction is beyond comprehension really. The last few weeks have gone by in a bit of a daze,” Chris said. “We’ve had the sparkly socks for a couple of weeks now and have just been waiting to make them public. It’s really kind of him and we are so grateful.

“Since announcing it, we’ve been in press all over the world so that has been a bit of a whirlwind too. If you’d have told me at the beginning of this week I’d have been in NME, Billboard Magazine, Clash, and Consequence of Sound, I’d have called you mad.”

Chris and his business partner, Martin, have been moved to tears by the messages they’ve received since it was revealed Trinity was at risk. They’ve also been blown away by homemade items that have been donated to the auction by fans.

Speaking about Trinity, Chris added: “We are not just a bar and a venue but a community hub. We are the only independent venue pretty much left in north west London and I think we still have a spirit of independence that has kept us in business for 28 years.

“The amount of people that would have never have met if it weren’t for Trinity is astonishing! I know hundreds of people who got married and now have kids after meeting during a night out at Trinity!”

To find out more and to support Trinity, visit the fundraising page here.

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