Put June 15 in the diary NOW! Pubs could reopen this time next week

The drinking industry looks set to be back in business as breweries are on task to produce 250million pints for UK pubs this month.

As lockdown measures continue to ease across the world, the golden question for us Brits remains ‘but when can we get a pint?’

That day, which will go down in history, looks set to be just a week away.

Boozers were forced to close their doors on March 23, as the coronavirus pandemic snowballed in the UK – with many having to pour unused kegs down the drain.

However, the first cog in the drinking industry machine looks set to be back in business as breweries are on task to produce 250million pints for pubs this month.

And it has been confirmed deliveries to pub landlords are to start from June 15.

The public will have to manage expectations though in terms of how pub life looks pre and post virus, as gone are the days of jostling beside people at the bar to get served (which come to think of it, might not actually be too bad).

In plans set by the Government, ministers want drinkers to place orders remotely via an app so that social distancing measures can continue as efficiently as possible.

Pub chain JD Wetherspoon already run a similar model to this, allowing any customer with a smart phone to order food and drink to their table.

Chatting to The Sun, Greg Grundy, landlord of The Egremont in Worthing, said customers could not wait to be reunited with their favourite pint at their local.

He said: “It’ll be a scramble for stock. There’s an unquenchable thirst for beer out there.

“Punters are fed up with bottles and cans they’ve been sinking through the lockdown. Now they want a proper draught pint.

“My last supplies of draught were selling like cat-nip but I’m anxiously waiting for the next batch because we’re running low.”

Greg added: “Heineken has said the first lot will be out for delivery on June 15. Let’s hope we can swing the doors open properly for good then.”

Other brewers to follow in Heineken’s footsteps include Asahi (the giants behind Grolsch and Peroni) and Anheuser-Busch (who make Budweiser and Stella Artois).

It is believed pubs will reopen in two stages; those with beer gardens first – as the transmission is said to decrease when outside – followed by indoor areas.

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