Extraordinary People

Brave protestors stop looters breaking into shop by uniting to form human chain

Brave protestors in Brooklyn turned local heroes as they took it upon themselves to protect a Target store.

The level of unity across the world in support of the Black Lives Matter movement has been monumental.

However, there is a fear that those rioting will overshadow the good being done.

Yet it seems some brave citizens in New York are not even entertaining this idea.

For a group of protestors in Brooklyn turned local heroes as they took it upon themselves to protect a local Target store from being broken into for a mass looting.

People could be seen rushing to guard the front doors to prevent unlawful entry, forming a human chain in solidarity with one another in heartfelt scenes.

The video, tweeted by reporter Andrew Solender, has accrued a whopping 11million views at the time of publication.

Alongside the footage, he wrote: “Some protestors in Brooklyn calling to loot the Target, but organisers are rushing in front of the store to stop them, keep things non-violent.”

In a follow-up video, Andrew can be seen interviewing one of the participants – named only as David – asking what he would say to the rioters hurling objects at the police.

David said: “I would tell them to stop, that is not the narrative we are painting for our generation.

“Our generation is different. We mean what we say, and we say what we mean.

“We want peace, we want unity, we want to feel safe again in our country.”

Addressing his nation, David continued: “My message is to let America know that we’re done being oppressed by racism.

“No matter black, white, whatever the colour may be, but today’s story is the narrative of the African-American being oppressed and that’s why we’re here.

“We want to show America that we’re not afraid to fight back on terrorism, racism, and anything that oppresses us as brothers and women because we are all American and that’s how we should stay and remain as one.”

The deeply passionate speech, filmed while on the move as the NYPD followed, has been viewed nearly 1m times.

Meanwhile, over in the UK a statue of slave trader Edward Colston was knocked down in Bristol over the weekend as protestors demanded it has no place in today’s world.

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