Woman with chronic anxiety reveals how she beat her demons – and now helps others

Only through embracing rather than resisting emotions, can we unlock our full potential as individuals.

A woman who endured chronic anxiety and daily battles with her inner critic has beat her demons by turning to healing and meditation.

Beth Carboni, who now teaches these practices to others, believes that the more we shy away from our emotions the bigger our struggles become.

Only through embracing rather than resisting these feelings, does Beth believe we can unlock our full potential as individuals.

Speaking exclusively to Uspire, she said: “Everything that I share has come from my own challenges with mental health and breakthroughs with different therapies.

“I’ve always struggled really badly with anxiety and a very, very loud inner critic. At times, it was crippling, and would leave my entire body quivering.

“But even outside of these severe times, it was a constant internal battle and felt like a complete waste of energy. Deep down, I always felt that it didn’t have to be so hard…

“My first breakthrough came with hypnobirthing, where I used the tools to completely shift my birth fears into excitement and confidence. This was so liberating.

“But after my babies were born, the anxiety crept back in.”

Beth decided to go on a meditation training course, and although a struggle at first, she started to connect to a safe, inner world and nurtured a kinder voice in her head.

She said: “While sitting on my meditation cushion became my place of comfort, the anxiety would still rear its head and I felt like I needed to go deeper to really shift things.

“Like magic, I received an email from a hypnobirthing client who was an energy healer. There was a gorgeous exchange of me preparing her for birth, and I received healing sessions that started to make the shifts that I always knew were possible.

“While I am still and always will be a feeler, this has become my intuitive power and I don’t suffer with anxiety like I used to. For this, I am forever grateful.”

Beth now delivers her Soulful Self-Care course, a product which offers many different healing tools and techniques, as well as training in theta energy healing – a therapy that works on shifting belief systems through meditation.

Crediting the healing practice with transforming her life, Beth now hopes her course can help women to connect to their emotions, inner guru and true self in a deeply loving way.

She said: “People experience beautiful shifts through embarking on this journey of authentic self-love and learning to listen to intuition instead of the noise in their mind.”

Beth’s courses run every month, and due to the demand of people wanting to repeat the sessions, she has now developed a follow-on course called Rise Higher that enables clients to take their practice to a deeper level.

She explained: “Lockdown has been bringing up a lot of very big emotions for people and also exposing their vulnerabilities that can be disguised in our old normal life. This is making this practice even more necessary and powerful.

“Learning how to support big emotions and to enable them to flow through, rather than get stuck, is so important.

“I’ve found people signing-up who may have not previously considered meditation but are feeling called to do this inner work.”

If you’re tempted but worried about your lack of previous experience, then there’s no need. There is zero preparation required and everyone is welcome.

Beth concluded: “My intention is that women learn how to love and support themselves. As women living in a patriarchal society, we have become so conditioned to shame ourselves for feeling and to resist big emotions, which are a powerful part of our being.

“But it’s when we shame and resist our emotions, that it brings more suffering to how we are feeling.

“When we can learn to move towards our emotions with love, it unlocks so much wisdom and opportunities to grow and expand.”

Where do we sign up?!

For more info, visit Beth Carboni Healing.


  1. Although not a woman, I have experienced 1st hand how amazing Beth Carboni’s healing work is.

    For a man who has spent most of their adult life battling feelings of low self worth and inadequatcies she was able to help transform and reprogram my limiting beliefs.

    Life is not perfect, but it is infinitely better. And I have been gifted the greatest of all. I FINALLY FEEL HAPPY!

    Thank you, Beth. X


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