Hero dads become closer to kids as perks of lockdown show closer relationships

Not only have relationships improved, but there has been a rise of dads taking on crucial roles such as teachers for home-schooling.

While the coronavirus pandemic has shaken the world to its core, there does seem to be a slither of hope that has come from it.

For it seems the time at home during quarantine has created a deeper bond between dads and their kids.

Not only have relationships improved, but there has been a rise of dads taking on crucial roles such as teachers for home-schooling.

Aiming to shed light on just how relationships have changed, a new poll provides insight into how social distancing has impacted families over the last few months.

The UK-wide poll, conducted by retailer Menkind, shows that one in three dads are now closer to their kids; two in three dads have taken on new roles such as teachers, head cooks or BFFs; children have taught dads to be less impatient and more supportive; while over half of dads committed to spending more time with the children after lockdown.

In addition to this, nearly 60% of dads say they have been spending more time with their kids than ever before, consequently strengthening the family bond significantly.

Speaking about the survey findings, Menkind’s Marketing Director, Fred Prego, said: “As kids, we grow up with this idealised view of our dads as superheroes, which somehow fades away as we grow older and understand they are human, after all.

“These last few months have seen dads reclaim that superhero role as they’ve been spending more time at home with the family, forming closer bonds, getting more involved in their children’s education, activities and spare time.

“Despite the challenges of lockdown, it’s reassuring to see that most dads have cherished spending quality time with their kids to the point of wanting to be closer to them moving forward – being a father myself, I’m among them.”

An increase in activities such as gardening and baking have helped keep boredom at bay, while two in five dads have turned to board games and computer games with their brood, and over a third of fathers took on new DIY projects.

Life in lockdown has also helped dads become more emotionally aware, with the majority saying they want to be more supportive of their kids long-term.

Meanwhile, male stereotypes are also being challenged with one in four dads admitting they had learned that “it’s okay to fail” during their time at home with the children, while one in five acknowledge that “relationships take work”.

Sadly, there were some dads who were less fortunate.

A quarter of dads were forced to spend less time with their kids as their child was in the care of the other parent or they were required to work long hours during the quarantine.

However, the physical distance didn’t prevent them from connecting virtually – with 1 in 10 dads spending more time with their kids either by phone or video call.

With Father’s Day just a week away, it’s the perfect time to say thank you.

Check out the full survey here: Lockdown Dads.

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