This man couldn’t get to the pub… so he brought the pub to him

Aptly named The Lockdown, Dan Pearce created a bar that wouldn’t look out of place in central London.

If there’s one thing that us Brits have missed during quarantine, it’s a clink of the glasses down the pub with mates.

But as the race for the hospitality sector to open their doors continues, one man has decided that if he can’t get to the bar, he’ll bring the bar to him instead.

And dad-of-two Dan Pearce has been busy building a stunning gin bar in his garden.

Aptly named The Lockdown, Dan created a mini lounge – complete with decorative lights, shelving, and fridge – that wouldn’t look out of place in central London.

Perhaps being an artist by trade gave him the upper hand, with Dan finishing his bar top in real copper with an aged, distressed finish.

To add a little star quality, he covered the front of the bar with paintings of icons – from David Bowie to Jimi Hendrix to John Lennon – all taken from his personal portfolio.

Dan also painted some original artwork for the walls to complement the bar artwork and traded some of his own art with another artist for some handmade swallow lights.

Speaking to Uspire, Dan said: “I have named my bar The Lockdown. Now I just need lockdown to be over to throw the biggest party.

“I’ve always wanted a bar, growing up my parents had a bar and were well known for throwing the best parties.”

He continued: “We had a family meeting at the start of lockdown to decide what the garden shed should be, my two boys wanted a gaming room, my wife Wendy wanted a room to do her gym sessions, and I wanted my very own bar.

“So, I’ve made sure the bar serves all of our requirements.

“We had to re-plaster all the walls, lay new floors, install new electrics, fit new lighting and decorate throughout.

“At one end of the room, I fitted storage for gym equipment, gaming devices and a TV for the boys gaming requirements and Wendy’s gym sessions.”

At least no one asked for a swimming pool…

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