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Super dad paints epic mural for son, 2, as he dedicates entire wall to Peppa Pig characters

Sean Vaz wanted a room where his two-year-old could walk into and have his mind blown each time.

If anyone deserves a generous Father’s Day present this Sunday, it’s this man.

A super dad tapped into his inner DIY expert to paint a giant mural in honour of his son, dedicating an entire room to his little boy’s favourite characters.

Speaking exclusively to Uspire, Sean Vaz revealed how he wanted a room where two-year-old Ethan could walk into and have his mind blown each time.

In fact, a whopping 17 characters have been sketched, alongside a house, landscape, and field of daisies to complement it all.

Sean told us: “I chose all the things that Ethan loves. In one direction is Peppa Pig, in another there is Spider-Man. There is also is an underwater scene, and when he looks up at the sky, it’s not just a plain ceiling.”

While Sean has always been a fan of drawing, he doesn’t have any painting experience – having only ever dabbled with a landscape sketch as a Christmas gift to his mother.

Chatting about the preparation, Sean said it was difficult as he wasn’t sure where to start.

He explained: “I knew I wanted lots of characters from Peppa Pig, but I wanted to create a scene exclusive to Ethan, so it was important to me not to copy a picture.

“I watched him watch Peppa Pig to see which characters he loved, and then used that to decide which characters I was going to have and where they were going to feature.

“For example, Mr Super Potato is in the sky because there is a scene that Ethan loves where Super Potato is saving Mr Potato who is flying-off holding a helium balloon.

“Meanwhile, Madame Gazelle is centre stage with her guitar as Ethan loves the Bing Bong song, and George Pig is holding his favourite dinosaur and wearing his woolly hat.

“Once I knew what I wanted to incorporate, I then had to sketch it out freehand, make sure it was scaled and hope for the best.”

Sean continued: “I came across lots of hurdles, getting the right paints, learning they don’t blend as well on a wall, closing off Ethan’s playroom in the process, driving mummy mad, and learning how to make corrections on a huge wall-size piece, the list goes on…

“Standing outside B&Q, two metres apart for many hours, has been interesting – only to go inside and find out they are not mixing paints or selling tester pots due to COVID-19 then having to mix certain colours myself has all been part of the fun.”

Sean revealed that further complications came as Ethan tried to get involved in the process, walking around ladders and trying to paint the walls to copy daddy.

Sean added: “I gave him a paint brush, some paint and a section on the opposite wall and let him crack on. We are still hoping he doesn’t think this is normal for the whole house.”

That said, while it might not become the new normal at home, there are already plans to get creative in other spaces.

Sean concluded: “I have been lucky in that my wife gave me full support. She encouraged me daily even when she could see how huge a task I had taken on.

“I would absolutely love to do it again with all types of themes… A Toy Story wall in a nursery or a dentist would be amazing.”

If he’s taking requests, personally we’d be up for a Finding Nemo one.

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