Finally, live music again! Gig scene set for lockdown revival as venue opens its doors

Barcelona is now in phrase three, with the hospitality industries reopening – a sign of things to come for UK.

Anyone in possession of a Glastonbury ticket or a spring show tour, will know the crushing feeling when it was announced they would not be going ahead.

However, it now seems there is light at the end of the tunnel as the CASA SEAT venue in Barcelona is opening its doors once more following the coronavirus pandemic.

And one musician in particular is itching to get back in front of an audience.

Chatting to Uspire, Alex Lebron revealed this is his first show since social distancing eased – although he did go accidentally viral during quarantine after an incredible video of him playing Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On with a neighbour was posted online.

Alex told us: “This is the first real gig. I’ve had a few planned shows from my balcony, but they don’t really count in the grand scheme of things.

“It really feels amazing to get back into it, to play in front of a crowd is one of the things I have missed the most during this period.”

He continued: “I feel so excited! It brings me back that feeling as a little kid on the night before Christmas Eve.”

During lockdown, Alex played a series of six balcony shows with neighbour Alberto Gestoso, whom he did not actually know prior to their musical sessions.

The talented saxophonist explained: “Now, when life is starting back up for both of us, we have kind fallen out of playing a bit.

“But we both hold a dear and strong relationship to playing and sharing music, and we said in a lot of interviews during the lockdown that we wanted to do a show together after everything opens up, so I’m sure it will materialise.

“Yesterday, we went into phase three, so it might be something we will have to start planning soon!”

Phase three will see some parts of the hospitality industry re-open, including pubs and restaurants and possibly hairdressers and salons too.

Alex is also hoping that life can return to some kind of normal, considering he has a major shooting project coming up as the protagonist in a full feature sci-fi movie, which is said to be “Twin Peaks meets Black Mirror”.

Speaking about resurrecting the business, venue spokesperson Jose Mata said: “CASA SEAT will open its physical doors to the public on June 19 with a programme of brand-new artistic proposals that will set space in motion.

“We have two days of free activities that include music, dance, graffiti, gastronomic tastings, and live painting that will be only the beginning of a permanent cultural agenda.”

Jose added: “We will strictly follow all health and safety measures recommended by the authorities and the World Health Organisation in order to ensure the wellbeing of all our employees and visitors, such as capacity monitoring and the obligation to wear a protective mask. Our visitors will be able to find antiseptic gel, as well as various signs indicating other measures like safety distance, distributed throughout the space.”

Fingers crossed, the UK will be following in Spain’s footsteps very soon.

For more info, visit CASA SEAT.

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