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Happy Father’s Day: A tribute to some of the most wonderful dads

From helping us take our first steps and ride a bike for the first time, to dealing with our teenage tantrums, dads are always there.

From helping us take our first steps and ride a bike for the first time, to dealing with our teenage tantrums and serving as our personal taxi drivers, dads are always there.

The best thing about dads is that they come in all shapes and sizes, literally yes, but also as in it’s not always our biological father who serves as the main male influence in our lives. Some people are lucky to have an amazing stepdad, an uncle they can rely on, a granddad who has been there since day dot, and so on…

Father’s Day only comes once a year, and while we’re grateful for our dads every single day of the year, we wanted to pay tribute to them today to let them know just how amazing they really are. We also wanted to remember the dads who are no longer with us, but are just as special and just as loved… ♥️

Kirsty’s dad, John

“It may or may not come as a surprise to some people that I am 110% a daddy’s girl – and that’s because my Daddio really is bloody awesome! 62 going on 22, my dad is just the coolest! Kind, funny, generous, laid-back… the list goes on and I really don’t know what I would do without him.

“He’s spoilt me rotten, taught me everything I know about music, and there’s no one else I’d rather go out drinking with. He’s my number one gigging partner – I’ve lost count of how many bands we’ve seen together, and I can’t wait to start making more memories once we can go to concerts again.

“People often look a bit shocked/confused when I say I’m bringing my dad as my +1 to a festival or an event, but then they meet him and they totally get it : ‘Your dad’s so cool!’

“Daddio, thank you for being an absolute gem. You are the best guy in my life and I feel lucky every single day to have a dad as wonderful as you. Love ya loads xxx.”

Nadia’s dad, Howard

“Ahhh, Daddy. AKA, Papa M, Dad’s Taxi, The Bank of Dad, Drinking Buddy, and Fellow Saggi. I remember being told as a kid that I had ‘chutzpah’, as no matter how many knocks there were, I’d somehow find a way to get back up again. For that, I thank you. The man with chutzpah in his DNA who has shown me, to put it eloquently, not to take shit from anyone.

“You’ve taught me to embrace whatever life throws at me, good or bad, and that enjoying the view with rose-tinted spectacles can be a gift not a curse. In fact, maybe your simple but magic mantra should be my next tattoo?! Don’t stress.

“From dad/daughter cinema dates to red carpet premieres, from the patience of a saint teaching me how to reverse-park to helping me grab Martin Clarke by the short and curlies, to walking along the beach to walking me down the aisle, thank you for encouraging me to be me. And for making me question, why fit in if you’re meant to stand out? I love you. Xx.”

Natalie’s dad, Roy

“My Dad… One thing he will forever be remembered for is his sense of humour and his ability to have us in stitches and make light even in the shit! He had a joke for everything, even at the most inappropriate of times.

“He taught us so much. All the important things in life like family, solidarity, morals, values, to work hard and look after each other. He always kept us grounded, safe, secure and most of all, loved.

“I’ll always miss the jokes, the wind ups, the best home made chips and simply hearing that whistle you gave me when you walked through the front door. He’s left us a proud man with endless happy memories. My Hero.”

Danielle’s dad, Alan

“Happy Fathers Day Daddy. I am forever grateful for the way you have supported me through life, as well as being like a father to Jordan. I have always admired how hard you graft making sure our family has never gone without. 

“As well as being a top geezer who loves a joke, you are an amazing singer who is still rocking and rolling! We drive each other crazy at times, but I wouldn’t have you any other way! Love you mucho Porks & Jordie Pord xx.”

Emily’s dad, Brinsley

“Father’s Day has always been a strange day for me after losing my dad to cancer 16 years ago. My dad and I had a special bond and we shared a lot of similar interests and personality traits.

“Whenever I’m experiencing highs or lows in life, I often wonder what support or celebration he would offer. While nothing will ever fill the void he left in my life, losing him at a young age made me strong enough to cope with the challenges life can throw at me.”

Alice’s dad, ‘Dade’

“‘Dade’, thanks for sacrificing your patience 16 years ago when teaching me to ride a bike, and again today for teaching me to drive a car (you brave, brave man!). I may have inherited your terrible humour, bad cooking skills and questionable feet (thanks for that!), but you’re still totally ace by my standards.

“Oh, and thanks for forgiving me for that time I threw up on you on the flight home from New York after eating my body weight at the airport (I was, embarrassingly, aged 17 and old enough to know better!).”

Tonje’s dad, Svein

“As you can see, I’m trying to be just like him by mimicking his pose, and that’s because he was basically my hero back then. When I was little, we were very close – mostly because he had hoped I was a boy and pretty much raised me like one (as you can see from my outfit!).

“He would always play with me – football, Barbie, dolls, train tracks… I loved that! What makes him an awesome dad, though, is the fact that he is just the kindest man. And his kindness shines through in everything he does as a dad, by being a constantly caring, interested and loving dad. He’s the best!”

Beth’s dad, Tim

“To my incredibly wonderful Dad, there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t talk to you and ask for your help, I must drive you mad! I miss you like crazy and my heart hurts as you are no longer here, but I still see your face and hear your voice.

“Thank you for all the wonderful memories and for making my life so happy. Most importantly thank you for the special relationship we had. I feel so lucky that you were my Dad. I love you always and forever! Big kisses, Beth Xxx.”

Caitlin’s dad, Kev

“I’m very grateful for my dad, who doubles up as my best friend. I cannot thank my dad enough for influencing my music taste, and taking me to gigs since I was five years old.

“We have seen KISS, Coldplay, and Super Furry Animals to name a few. I appreciate his willingness to always help me out, whether it be pretending to be a politician for my media coursework pictures, or by wearing his Alternative Atmosphere t-shirt to promote my blog!”

Tina’s dad, Andy

“My football mad dad has always been there for me. Whether it was driving me to gymnastics when I was 7, cheering me on when I graduated university, or there with a hug when life as an adult got tough.

“He suffers with severe ME but never lets it get him down and comes readily armed with the perfect dad joke in every situation. He’s set to become a grandfather for the first time later this year, a role I know he’ll excel at. Thanks for everything dad, I’m so lucky to have you and my little boy will be too.”

Elizabeth’s dad, James

“My mum always said that my dad made me in a test tube because we’re so alike. We like all the same music and movies, and I’ve inherited all of his jokes! He is, unquestionably, the best dad in the world.

“We almost lost him a few years ago to a major car crash. When he was going through physiotherapy, the doctors told us he might never walk again, and I thought, ‘well, it’s not like he’s never going to walk again’. And of course he did, because he’s a superhero!

“After the crash, he became a lecturer after years of working behind a desk, and he can truly be the performer he was born to be. All of his students love him, and he was voted the one of the best lecturers in the entire college after only being there a short time. He’s just as full of light and energy as he always has been, going to gigs, practicing archery in the garden and singing in the bath.

“I can’t imagine a world without him, I’ve never met anyone as awesome as him and I don’t think I ever will. My mum always says, ‘they broke the mould when they made him’, and it’s true! He’s unique, and amazing, and I’m so lucky to have him as a dad ❤️.”

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