The Holy Grail of freedom! Pubs, hairdressers and holidays reopen July 4

Boris Johnson is set to make the announcement on Tuesday.

If your locks resemble Rapunzel’s, or maybe you’re rocking an accidental buzzcut, then have no fear… because hairdressers are officially allowed to reopen on July 4.

That’s right, in just 12 sleeps time, you’ll be able to return to the salon.

This will be the first time since March that us Brits can hand back duties to the professionals following our haphazard home efforts.

In a triple whammy with hairdressers flinging their doors open again, pubs will also resume business while holidays will be reintroduced providing they are staycation trips.

Last week, it was announced that the UK’s coronavirus alert level was dropping from a four to a three, a significant move in our fight against the pandemic.

While there is still trepidation over whether or not it is too soon, Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty approved the decision, following the rate of transmissions dropping and seeing a continuing decrease in confirmed cases.

There will, inevitably, be changes to accommodate our new normal including socially distanced tables, hair stylists in PPE, and restaurants only offering al fresco dining.

[Credit: Jordan Hopkins]

Speaking about the baby steps back to pre-virus life, Boris Johnson said the government were “sticking absolutely like glue” to the plan he set out back in May.

However, he said: “It’s very important we don’t lose our vice-like grip on the disease. We’ve got to keep it on the floor where we’ve got it.

“On the progress of social distancing, watch this space.”

[Credit: Laura Cleffmann]

The insinuation that we will see a more relaxed rule on the current 2m measures will be music to many ears, including pubs who will be able to welcome more customers.

Currently, Britain still maintains that people are to remain at 2m apart, yet it looks like we are following in the footsteps of other countries (i.e. China and Denmark) to drop to 1m.

It is believed the Prime Minister will update his Cabinet on Tuesday to unveil new plans.

The final public spaces yet to been given the all-clear include gyms, public pools, libraries, museums and galleries, theatres, social clubs and music venues.

Though in the words of BoJo, ‘watch this space’.

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