Amy Lou’s Big Pride Doo: an online celebration of sexuality, identity and creativity

From Monday 29th June to Saturday 4th July, LGBTQ+ musicians and creatives are hosting a series of exciting events.

With Pride events all over the country cancelled, indie artist Amy Lou is making sure celebrations still take place with a week long virtual Pride event.

From Monday 29th June to Saturday 4th July, LGBTQ+ musicians and creatives are hosting a series of exciting events. The online content will be streamed on Instagram, so you can enjoy Pride from the comfort of your own home.

Amy Lou is well known in the Scottish music scene for sharing catchy indie-rock tunes, with vigorous vocals and truthful lyrics, that focus on mental health and sexuality.

The Dunfermline-based singer has worked hard to still provide the LGBTQ+ community with an opportunity to celebrate their sexualities through a number of online gigs, exclusive interviews, DJ sets and podcasts.

For the first three nights, you can enjoy inspiring interviews and performances from LGBTQ+ musicians across the UK.

On Thursday, Katie Guthrie from Underground Sounds will present a special edition of her INDUSTEA podcast, in which she will talk to LGBTQ+ women from the music industry. Guests include Amy Lou, photographer Kayleigh Bissett, artist manager Cathie Balmer, and music business student Charmaine Hardman.

DJs from all over the world will also showcase some of their favourite upcoming music.

A limited edition merch sale will take place on Friday, with all proceeds going to LGBT Youth Scotland: a charity who work with 13-25 year olds across Scotland, educating them about LGBTI equality, wellbeing and human rights.

When I spoke to Amy Lou about their decision to donate the money to LGBT Youth Scotland, they explained: “Growing up I used to attend a youth group put on by LGBTYS, and it was a big part of me getting a lot more comfortable with my sexuality and who I am.”

Big Pride Doo will finish in style with a powerful live performance from Amy Lou, and the online gig will be streamed on Fife Pride’s social media.

When announcing Big Pride Doo on social media, Amy Lou stated: “For obvious reasons this year’s physical Prides have been cancelled, but the message, spirit, and history behind Pride month should never be silenced. So I’m using my platform, although it may not be the biggest, to shine a light on a whole plethora of amazing LGBTQ+ musicians, artists, creators, change makers, and believers.

“I spend a lot of time talking about adversity. I’ve spent a long time quietly wanting other queer voices like mine to come together in harmony and be heard. I’ve spent a long time wanting something but never actually doing anything to change it… I think I’ve arrived at the answer now to what I can do.”

To get involved, visit Amy Lou’s Big Pride Doo.

Written by Caitlin Hyem.

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