Now you can watch live music again as gigs return… with a twist

A new drive-in initiative is being trialled, kickstarting on August 6.

Whether getting squished in the mosh pit, crowd-surfing to the front row, or bopping from the VIP balcony is your preference – your gig experiences are in for a makeover.

Following life in quarantine, the world is itching to get back to some sense of normality, and live music is just one of the things us Brits have been really missing.

But now, the gig scene is set for a lockdown revival… with a quirky twist.

Instead of being inside sweaty venues less than 1m apart at high risk of transmission, a new drive-in initiative is being trialled this summer kickstarting on August 6.

[Credit: Live Nation / Mohammad Qazalbash]

Taking lead from the American drive-in cinema trend, London will introduce gigs whereby punters pull-up in vehicles to watch live acts while being safe and socially distanced.

The first artists to be announced, who will perform across 12 venues, include Dizzee Rascal, The Streets, The Lightning Seeds, Beverley Knight, and Jack Savoretti.

There will also be club nights, with a Cream Classical Ibiza gig on offer too for anyone pining for their fix of house and dance music.

With a capacity for 300 cars, and designated areas around each vehicle for customers to exit and dance in, the new face of live music is certainly a unique one to embrace.

[Credit: Andre Benz]

While pubs and restaurants are set to reopen their doors on Saturday, music venues and theatres have been left in the dark as to when they can resume business.

One popular venue in the capital, The Lexington, fears it may never be able to operate as it did pre-coronavirus.

Manager Stacey Thomas said: “One of the worst things that the government can do is say, ‘Okay, you can re-open, but keep your distance please’.

“The message when we open needs to be that we’re safe.”

Stacey added to the NME: “We can’t operate with social distancing. The bands won’t want to play in a venue with no atmosphere. I don’t see how it’s going to work.”

To get your fix of live music in the meantime, visit Drive-In Gigs.

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