Vegans, look away! Mouthwatering meats for summer BBQs delivered to your door

Family-run business are bringing fresh supplies from Smithfield – the largest wholesale meat market in the UK – straight to your doorstep.

As pubs and shops are set to reopen their doors this weekend after coronavirus swept across the globe, many of us are counting down the seconds until then.

Equally, there are many of us who are anxious about being in close proximity to people again and returning to the hustle and bustle of normal life.

Yet we have found the perfect remedy for those wanting to remain behind closed to protect themselves but also in need of BBQ supplies for the sunny weather.

Give a warm welcome to Ford & Sons Meat Suppliers.

This family-run business are bringing fresh supplies from the infamous Smithfield – the largest wholesale meat market in the UK – straight to your doorstep.

So, if you’re on the prowl for quality fresh meat at affordable prices, then look no further.

The incredible range of products vary from the more modest 1kg of ox cheek, all the way up to a whopping 7kg uncut strip loin of beef weighing in at a cool £75.

If you’re not quite salivating yet, then the Wagyu burgers might be more up your street or the rack of spare ribs on the pork menu.

There are also plenty of poultry choices with a variety of chicken and turkey options.

Despite only having started the business three months ago as the world went into quarantine, Ford & Sons already boast several celebrity customers on their roster.

Most notably, MasterChef 2019 finalist Delia-Maria Asser is a huge fan, while The Only Way Is Essex reality star Bobby Norris also counts himself amongst the meat groupies.

The list goes on with Diversity stars Ashley and Jordan Banjo, Dan Osborne, Jeff Brazier, and Jake Quickenden all hailing Ford & Sons as the new gods of grub.

To join the club and let these sizzling delicacies tickle your tastebuds, then get your pork chop on by visiting Ford & Sons.

The only catch, you’ll need to spend a minimum of £25 and you’ll require a south-east Essex postcode to fall into the delivery zone.


  1. Hi I’m jimmy I own the company thank you so much for the recognition, amazing really was quite taken back thanks so much.


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