Hotel under the stars transports guests to majestic world as you sleep in forest bubble

Not only is stargazing on offer, but you’re in with a chance to see the Northern Lights too.

Whether you’re nine or ninety, sleeping under the stars holds a special kind of magic.

And this breath-taking ‘bubble’ allows you to do just that.

Not only is stargazing on offer, but you’re in with a chance to see the Northern Lights too.

Nicknamed ‘the 5million star hotel’, guests are invited to sleep in an entirely transparent dome whereby the south Iceland sky performs like a personal show for residents, twinkling away like a Disney film with the majestic aurora borealis.

While the aurora is a result of disturbances in the magnetosphere caused by solar wind, to the naked eye it appears as though green and purple lights are dancing.

The private accommodation is nestled in the forest, so you will be secluded and naturally socially distanced from other visitors during a time where being apart is paramount.

Speaking about the experience, owner and managing director Robert Robertsson said: “Some childhood dreams stay with us for our whole lives. Sleeping under the stars or watching the aurora borealis dance is one of those lifelong dreams.”

He added: “Forget the city, forget work. We can’t guarantee that you will see the lights, but if they show up you will have a magical night.”

While the bubbles are not part of a conventional hotel, and therefore do not include food or beverage options, there are many local restaurants and markets nearby.

Each bubble plays host to two people, with children under six allowed as a third guest.

Ordinarily, the otherworldly rooms start from £139, but a COVID-19 discount of 25% is now being offered to be used within five years.

If you need a break from seeing your own four walls in quarantine, this really is the perfect getaway – especially as the bubbles don’t have wifi so you will truly escape.

To plan your adventure, visit Buubble Hotel.


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