Time for pampering! Beauty salons and tattooists back open for business on Monday

Treatments such as waxes, manicures, pedicures, and massages will resume again on July 13.

We might not be able to travel freely between countries just yet, but we can damn straight look like we’re ready for the beach.

That’s right, because beauty salons officially reopen in England on Monday.

This means that treatments such as waxes, manicures, pedicures, and massages will resume again for the pampered-starved public in just three sleeps time.

[Credit: Toa Heftiba]

Tattoo parlours and tanning salons have also been given the green-light to swing their doors open and kick life back into their ink guns and spray-tan machines.

However, those who are a partial to a facial, sadly it looks like you’ll be applying the cucumbers to your own eyes for a few weeks longer.

All facial treatments are forbidden from being reinstated, after they were deemed to high risk for COVID-19 transmission due to the nature of touching another person’s face.

[Credit: BBC]

The same goes for eyebrow threading, so don’t throw your tweezers away just yet.

As the Culture Secretary, Oliver Dowden, addressed the nation, he proudly stated that “normal life is slowly returning”.

That said, aesthetically things may look a little different. Beauty staff will not only wear masks, but also use visors or screens when treating clients to maintain social distancing.

[Credit: Julia Giacomini]

The industry follows in the footsteps of the hospitality sector who are already back up and running after pubs and restaurants were given the go-ahead to reopen last Saturday.

Meanwhile, it’s a case of slow and steady wins the race for gyms and swimming pools as they will pass the lockdown finishing line on July 25.

However, we are living in a rather unpredictable whack-a-mole state.

Or at least, this is the term Boris Johnson used to coin what will happen with virus outbreaks as the UK introduces “local lockdowns and local whack-a-mole strategies”.

The Prime Minister was responding to questions about the rising cases in Leicester, which has gone back into lockdown indefinitely but with a review next weekend.

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